What Is Google Partner Setup App And Should I Disable It?

Google Partner Setup Android app helps you to operate multiple Applications and especially google products. It’s an android app with the package name com.google.android.partnersetup.

It is also helpful in many ways, for example, if you are writing something, it assists you to correct spelling and grammar mistakes. It’s the source to attain a writing assistant. 

The APK belongs to a specific application that cannot be downloaded. It is installed automatically on your device. 

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What is Google Partner Setup App?

Google.partner.setup is an Android app that makes able multiple apps compatible with each other. It makes the compatibility between Google products.

Various Google products like Google Translate, Google Keyboard, Google Meet, etc use this application to make the work easier for the users. 

Google Partner Setup

Should I Disable Google Partner Setup?

This Android app is useful for connectivity between Google apps with other ones, so there is no reason to disable it. It may be possible if it comes with specific hardware.

It is too difficult to impossible or uninstalls the Google Partner Setup. But if performed, it may cause problems with your phone. 

Can I Re-Enable Google.Partner.Setup?

Though it is not needed to disable the Google Partner Setup, if done, then there is a way possible to reinstall it again. Here is the procedure;

  • Go to setting
  • Open the application, and tap on the show all applications/ show all tabs. The options may differ from one Android to another.
  • If the Google Partner Setup doesn’t appear, then press the hidden app button.
  • Then tap Google Partner Setup and enable it.

How to fix Unfortunately Google Partner Setup Has Stopped?

Many of the users face the same problem. Unfortunately, Google Partner Setup has stopped on your Android phone. That is an error. This problem can disturb your work and makes you frustrated.

The app functionality may be affected if the problem persists. This error will not allow you to access your work, and you will be worried. But there is always a solution. Follow the underneath steps and get rid of the error. 

First Method: Clear Cache Memory And Data 

Clearing your Data and Cache Memory of the Google Partner App can solve any app error such as the google carrier service has stopped. What it does when you once clear all app data and cache.

Formatting enhances the app performance and increases the reloading time from the system end. The procedure of deleting eliminates all unnecessary and miscellaneous files. Following is the step to removing and clearing the android Cache and Data:

  • Open your device and go into the application setup
  • In the next step, visit the app management option. 
  • After that, you will all install apps on your device. 
  • Google Partner Setup will appear next, then click on that. 
  • Will appear two options Clear Cache or Clear Data. Hit one of them. 

Once you follow all of these steps, you will be asked to reboot your Android to fix this problem. So restart your system.

The process clears all the errors almost completely. But if you face the same problem after the process is finished, then it must be a ROM issue. 

Second Method: Stock ROM Installation 

The Android phone having a modified operating ROM may face the Google Partner Setup problem. Stock ROM installation for smartphones can solve this problem when you experience custom ROM.

It is your choice whether you install stock ROM or custom ROM on your device. XDA developer forum should access the instructions. All devices have significantly different techniques so search all related queries to fix the issues.  

Focus on the discussion points attentively. It is quite risky if you install ROM whether you don’t know and follow the instructions. Otherwise, the same problem may appear with your android app installation, which was faced by the Google Partner Setup error problem. 

There is another trusted way to restore factory settings for your smartphone. Go to the;

  • Setting menu 
  • Select backup and restore.
  • It is always recommended to back up all your necessary data and file. 

Third method: Factory Reset 

If, for some reason clearing the cache memory and data does not work and the error still stands there. Then adopt the third method which is Factory Resting. Factory reset for your device is the last possible resort you have. 

Since the Factory reset is done. Your phone becomes back to that state where it was before unboxing. The error goes out after doing this step. It is important to take a backup of your Android data and necessary files. 

Before you perform all these steps, make sure your phone is at least 70% charged. It must not be switched off during the process, otherwise, your phone may cause further issues. 

This is the step-by-step guide to doing the Factory Reset

  • Open the setting on your device
  • Go to back up and reset
  • Then reset the factory data
  • Finally, reset the device
  • Erase everything from your device

After that, the process of resetting will be started immediately, so enter your password if it is required.

Finishing all the process requires your Android to be rebooted, so restart your device to fix all errors and bring your phone back to normal. 

Four Method: Disable Google Services

The last potential fix is to disable Google Play Services. Keep in mind that this will prevent some apps from working properly, so only use this as a last resort. To disable Google Play Services:

  • Find Settings
  • Select Apps & Notifications
  • Tap See all apps
  • Scroll down and tap on Google Play Services
  • Click on Disable

Once disabled, restart your device and see if the issue has been resolved.

Is it Possible to Uninstall Com Google Android Partner Setup App?

It is not been possible to uninstall this com.google.android.partnersetup after rooting the device.

But if you want to try you must backup data, images, contact, and all information to a secure and safe place.

Restore Android Backup

  • Open your phone to a customer recovery
  • Push the Restore button to have a detailed backup list 
  • Chose that specific backup which was generated to use the stock Rom 
  • Then select the required partition to restore. 
  • Check all the boxes containing an available list 
  • Finally, swipe the bar to restore
  • When it fishes, then reboot your device. 

It will allow you to run stock ROM again. It is also recommended to open SuperSU app on your Android and follow the given instruction by the device. Then select complete Unroot then reboot your system. 

At this stage, you can do one more thing to relock your bootloader. This is a different way to restore between different devices. The device is now completely washed out.

The boot loader is useful when you are about to send your device for a warranty issue; otherwise, you can skip his step. 

Flash Factory Image

Following the step-by-step guide, you can easily flash a factory image. Because two similar-looking android devices are different in many ways. So check the details online if you are new to this setup. 

These are some steps to be followed before flashing a Factory Image. 

This method requires the manufacturer’s software if you have Samsung or HTC android mobile phones. Then download ADB setup and Fast boot tools. 

You can then download the factory image for your device and unzip it to perform functions accurately. 

Here you can connect a USB drive to the rooted phone. Then Fast boot your device.

Finally, reboot your Android to take the necessary actions and make your device ready for proper working. When you back and run stock ROM all problems will be fixed automatically. You can use your device again with all its functionalities. 

Last words

All the key points that have been discussed here related to Google Partner Setup Android Application are advantageous for you to perform your work comfortably.

Many manufacturing companies don’t release factory images because they come with your device from the company. Same as you don’t have any permission to completely or partially delete the App, the same is the reason these settings are related to the manufacturing authority.

There are some separate devices to make these possible changes with the Google Partner Setup app. But companies don’t give open access to those devices to the users of androids. There is only one way to install and delete to get some third-party websites, but this might be difficult and risky for your Android. 

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