What Is Com.android.vending App and How To Uninstall It?

Most Android phones are rooted by the time you are buying them but not all have this process and such will often receive the com.android.vending error stopped message.

This does not mean that only non-rooted phone devices will have the, unfortunately com android vending has stopped error, even the rooted ones. When the error occurs, it causes a lot of inconveniences, and whatever app you were trying to download will be unsuccessful.

The android vending app will be removed from the task queue, and you will be left wondering what happened. What makes things worse is that if you keep trying to download the app, the android.vending has stopped error message will keep appearing.

The error will definitely stop you from accessing other essential apps because it somewhat affects the device’s operating system. That said, you may want to know what com.android.vending is and how to stop it.

What is com.android.vending?

First things first, you need to understand what com android vending is before learning how to solve it. Simply put, it is the mobile installer name for the android app store platform. By calling it an ‘installer’ name, it means that it scans apps for their sources before installation.

Since com.android.vending works with Google Play Store for Android devices, it is less likely to have issues with apps sourced from Google Play Store. However, sourcing your apps elsewhere will bring issues to the phone device and result in the unfortunately com.android.vending stopped, especially if your device is non-rooted.

What about rooted and non-rooted android devices?

A device is rooted when the manufacturer has granted the user full access, meaning that he can control the gadget, install and uninstall apps, and even update those requiring updates. However, not all phones are rooted, hence the non-rooted android device.

The users have no control over such android phones, but the manufacturer does. Therefore, installing apps and updates will be an issue, and the ‘unfortunately com.android.vending has stopped’ error will appear every time the user attempts installing updates and apps, especially the third-party apps.

Samsung and HTC are two examples of the many companies that sell unrooted phones.

What is the disadvantage of having an unrooted device?

The main drawback of having an unrooted phone is the constant popping up of the com android vending error. For rooted phones, Google Play Store data are securely and safely stored.

However, unrooted android apps will likely lose such data, necessitating the installation of updates. Sadly, as you try to execute these commands, you might come across com.android.vending pretty annoying error.

Are there other causes of com android vending has stopped error?

As mentioned at the outset, even rooted devices may experience the com android vending error. This can happen when you are using a Google app and the app starts updating itself in the fore or background.

If the phone device senses incompatibility with the updates, the android.vending error might appear as the device tries to source a license for the update provider and check the app’s safety.

Forcefully removing the Play Store app will definitely result in the com android vending error.

What happens during the com.android.vending error?

When the com.android.vending error pops up on your phone screen, downloading apps will become impossible. In fact, the more you try to do it, the greater will the frequency of the error message appearance be. In fact, it might even take 5 seconds to reappear.

Meanwhile, you cannot access essential apps with the error has stopped message on the screen, necessitating action to troubleshoot the error. That said, how can you fix the com.android.vending error message? The next section covers that.

How to stop the com.android.vending error message?

Having looked at the meaning, probable causes and disadvantages of the error has stopped message, it is practical to learn how to delete and stop com.android.vending from appearing.

This can be done in several ways and you can try all of them until the error is fixed. However, before that, ensure that the android device is 80-90% charged as the processes are quite draining.

Use an SD or USB card to back up data, or upload them to the cloud for easy recovery. Besides, restarting phones typically fixes software-related issues, so you could try it before any of the suggested methods.

Receiving calls while trying to troubleshoot the error may slow down the device, hence you need to remove the SIM card the moment you receive the com android vending has stopped the error notification and want to try stopping it. That said, you can follow any of the following procedures to stop the com.android.vending error;

1- Uninstall the Google Play Store latest updates

You can fix the android vending app error by uninstalling the latest updates made on the Google Play Store app. It is a simple process that involves heading to Settings.

  1. Select Apps & Notifications.
  2. Click Google Play Store.
  3. On the three vertical dots that appear.
  4. Click ‘Uninstall Latest Updates,’ and any updates made on the app will be cleared so that it goes back to default.
  5. Restart the phone after this and 10-15 minutes later, the app will have updated, hopefully solving the issue.

2- Clear data and data on the Google Play Store app

As different apps run, the cache files fill up and may even get corrupted. Thus, clearing cached data, especially on Play Store, will likely solve the com android vending error.

  1. Go to Settings and click on Apps & Notifications.
  2. On the apps that appear.
  3. Select Google Play Store.
  4. Clear Storage, followed by Clear Cache. This frees cached files and will likely solve the android.vending has stopped error.

3- Delete the com android vending app folder

This method works only for rooted devices and will definitely sort the error since it deals with the specific folder and files that display the com.android.vending error. It also does not take many steps and the problem will be gone.

  • Download the Root File Manager app on your phone and launch it.
  • Search for data/user_de/0 and on it.
  • Locate the com.android.vending folder and delete it.
  • Restart your device after this. This procedure is short but will likely solve the vending app error and stop the message from reappearing.

4- Factory reset the device

Factory resetting often solves most software-related issues and you could try it to stop the com.android.vending message from appearing. However, you need to back up your device’s data since factory reset loses all data while taking the phone to default settings. After backing data, go to Settings.

  • Scroll downward to find the Backup & Factory Reset or RESET option.
  • Several options appear and locate Factory Data Reset and click on it.
  • This uninstalls updates, including Google Play Store updates, hopefully fixing the com android vending has stopped error.


Com android vending is the installer name Google Play Store. This provision checks the app’s security, license, and safety. When your device is non-rooted, com.android.vending may pick issues with Play Store and its updates, resulting in the android.vending error notification.

This is annoying because you cannot download apps and updates or access essential apps. To stop the error message, restart or factory reset the device or clear the Google Play Store cache.

You could also try uninstalling Google Play Store updates or deleting the android.vending folder. For any of the suggested options, back up data first.

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