What is Com Android Backup Confirm and How To Remove It? 

This might be the new term for everyone who heard it the very first-time com.android.backupconfirm on Android. You will come to know, how significant is it, and a threat to your data secrecy and privacy. Keeping your important files with your backup plays a significant role. Com android backupconfirm saves your data loss that might not be retrieved again if the backup is not taken. 

com android backupconfirm

What Is com android backupconfirm? 

It may be called a pop-up message that is used when ADB backup is required for a confirmation to get complete backup on Android. This is a javascript launched by ADB package for Android to intimate users to take a backup on data or to restore important folders.

This is not a bug and gives no harm to your Android phone. This means your data and privacy are not disturbed, users sometimes consider it malware such as OMACP.

The com android backupconfirm confirms that the backup/restore option is completely legal. When you attempt to take a full backup. The com android backupconfirm generates a UI for normally the thirty-second interval to take a user’s confirmation.

On the other hand, it will surrender this operation presented under this UI. In this case, no data will be transferred out from your Android phone. A user can get the backup for valuable data as can stop the future backup not to overload the Android.

  • Open Google One app on your Android
  • Go to Backup Section and tap on View Details
  • Finally, turn off data you won’t backup. 

Where is the backup stored in android?

Your backup data is stored in a Google Drive account in a separate private folder. Only the last backup is stored on your Android, and the rest of the previous data will be deleted by the device automatically.

Deleting a complete backup from your Android will erase all backup files. You will have your phone data left with it. It is a process that creates a backup for your original data. If lost or corrupted in any case, old missing files can also be backup.

Normally valuable data need to be backup in data management. Backup your files and data protect your data from hardware failure, human error, the disaster of phones, power failure, and display loss. The backup can save time and money along with all your necessary files. 

Can i disable backup confirm?

There is no way possible to disable com android backupconfirm because you can’t find the package files without access to root files. It is also not a good decision to remove it from Android. The package is responsible for the backup of your data and privacy.

How to fix com android backupconfirm app?

ADB package doesn’t run automatically, it is initiated when a backup is requested by the Android user. You can’t fix com.android.backupconfirm until you start to take a backup of your data.

So up till this stage if you face an alert with a message of unfortunately com android backupconfirm has stopped is fixed now. You will not see the same problematic message again, you have the access to refreshing the cache of this app with the help of these steps;

  • Open Android app Drawer
  • Tap on Sort By
  • Enable the option shown here
  • Tap on the Show System apps
  • You will find here com. android backup confirm
  • Tap on it to open
  • Now select the storage options
  • Tap on Clear Cache and Data
  • At last, Restart your device

As discussed before that com android backupconfirm is an ADB java-based package for Android, its purpose is to ask a user to take a full or selected backup or restore data. Com.android.backupconfirm is also a wise approach to have your valuable data in safe custody, there are two options available for the users to take backup for data through the cloud or manually.


The com android backupconfirm is installed by the manufacturer so a user is not capable to remove or disable it, and it is not recommended as well. Its purpose is clear to take a data backup and to avoid losing the important files and folders backups are necessary to avoid any data loss. You can take backup for the important file once a day to avoid any external hardware invasion and can save data updated.

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