What is Nativedropboxagent App? and Can I Remove It?

Nativedropboxagent is a pre-installed app such as a security log agent on Android, it is an unwanted application that may cause many problems to your phone.

The app’s function is to work with backend operations many of the users are not well aware of the Native dropbox agent. They might not use it but the problems created by the app are well-known and frustrating.

If you also face a problem due to this app then it will be resolved here it is a pre-loaded app for every Android. The native dropbox agent on your device is not related or affiliated with Dropbox which is a cloud storage application.

What Is Nativedropboxagent app? 

However, it is an official app that is useful and can make some significant issues to your Android. There is an obvious difference between DropBox and Native DropBox Agent apps.

Both are useful in any way but dropbox gives you extra facilities to work with other apps. Also, important documents are in the form of sharing. While native dropbox agents can distort your Android’s other applications. This app is useful for users who come to know the proper working of it.

Nativedropboxagent app

5 Common Issue With Native Dropbox Agent

The malicious functionality of the NativeDropBoxAgent app can slowly damage your Android. Now have a look at what the app does to your phone. 

  • It affects smartphone charging capacity
  • Uses irrelevant data
  • Increases internet consumption
  • Device auto shutdown
  • Android other app’s functionality decreases

The app creates a lot many issues which are not commonly known to us always keep an eye on the changes that occur to your Android and use a reliable antivirus better than a premium one. 

What Are The Features of Using Dropbox?

Dropbox has many positive features that make your Android phone able to keep your data organized manner. It synchronizes documents from multiple channels automatically and makes it simple to access the same data on Android, Laptop, and Tabs at the same time. 

Most cloud services are difficult and not user-friendly average users don’t have any sense of that. Dropbox resolved this problem by making an app that makes document safety and creation easy for users where they can save documents on Android.

Tab, and can leave them to the app itself. It gives ease to get access your documents and files from any device through an internet connection. 

Every Android user has important files and documents on the phone so to get connected with other people like friends, family, and colleagues you need to share the files.

Simply every user wants it to be safe enough. Dropbox provides the facility to select multiple apps and send them to different locations at the same time with one click only. These files and documents can be shared through any platform but make sure you have internet availability with you. 

How To Stop NativeDropBoxAgent Android App?

Various methods are used to stop the NativeDropBoxAgent and other apps including diagmonagent from working. But here is a common and simple way to stop the app. The forced stop for any of the apps may disturb the rest of your Android phone’s data. In this case, there is a way to avoid this data harm.

Force Stop

When you forcefully stop an app a warning message will be given by the Android that the action may interrupt your necessary documents. However, this may be a small issue but you can get rid of this following by these easy points;

  • Open the Menu on your smartphone
  • Open Settings
  • Now tap on the App Management
  • Locate the NativeDropBoxAgent app

Now you may come to know how easy and simple is the process that needs only a second to force stop.

How To Remove NativeDropBoxAgent App?

Like most of the other pre-installed apps, the NativeDropBoxAgent app is not possible to be removed from your Android as it is a pre-loaded app like BBCAgent by the enterprise so it’s not possible to delete it. 

Anyway, there is an option to disable the NativeDropBoxAgent if you want to disable it you have to uninstall all updates first after uninstallation is completed then follow the guide to disable the native dropbox agent app.

  • Open your Android phone’s settings
  • Tap on the Apps
  • Locate Native DropBox Agent
  • Select uninstall updates

Right after you finish uninstalling updates you can disable the app. There are only three steps to be followed;

  • Go back to the Settings
  • Locate NativeDropBoxAgent App
  • Select the Disable button


Finally, the above discussion shows that the different Android apps leave a separate impression on your device. Some may damage your data and file some are useful. In most cases, normal Android users don’t understand commonly the functions of an app and how to use an app properly.

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