What Does It Mean When It Says Instagram User Not Found?

Are you an avid Instagram user and when you try to access someone’s profile you suddenly get a “User not found” message? Don’t worry; This error message has appeared for many users lately and can be frustrating. But what does it mean when Instagram says user not found?

In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons behind this issue and offer potential solutions to get back to scrolling through your favorite accounts.

What Does User Not Found Mean on Instagram?

User not found on Instagram error can be explained in several ways. First, the person you are looking for has blocked you or deleted their account. If a user blocks you, a “User not found” message will appear when you search for them.

It’s also possible that the person’s account has been deactivated or banned from Instagram. However, this could be due to a number of reasons, including a violation of Instagram’s Community Guidelines.

Additionally, there may not be an Instagram account associated with your username or name. This could be due either to not creating one in the first place or to having your account deleted by an administrator.

Here are more reasons why your Instagram account shows “User not found”:

1- Disabled Instagram Account

A message saying “User not found” on Instagram may indicate that the user has temporarily disabled their account.

Instagram users may opt to deactivate their accounts due to personal circumstances or simply take a break from social media.

A disabled account is removed from public view, including search results and follower lists, resulting in the “User Not Found” message.

However, this does not permanently delete an Instagram account: Users may reactivate it at any time simply by signing back in.

There may be several reasons why an account may have been disabled:

  • The account may have been flagged for violating Instagram’s Community Guidelines.
  • The account may have been hacked, and the hacker has disabled it.
  • The account holder may have chosen to disable their account.

So, if you cannot find the user’s Instagram, it’s best to assume that the account is inaccessible and check back later.

Account Disabled on Instagram

2- Typographical Error

You may have made a mistake while typing their username. Typos are a common source of search errors, and it’s easy to overlook a small mistake like a misspelled letter or a misplaced symbol.

To check if this is the case, double-check the spelling of the person’s username, making sure to use the correct capitalization and spacing. Additionally, try copy-pasting the username from another source to ensure accuracy.

By being careful and paying attention to detail. You may find that the elusive Instagram user you’ve been searching for was a typo away.

3- Username Changed

When searching for a specific person on Instagram, you may receive the message User Not Found because the user has changed their username without informing you.

Instagram users can change their usernames and make the account private whenever they want. Giving them greater privacy or allowing them to switch brands. However, this means if you were searching for someone using their old username, they may require assistance in being located.

In such a scenario, the best thing to do would be to ask the person if they changed their username. Or, you may search for mutual friends and followers who may know the new username.

4- User Blocked You

When someone is blocked on Instagram, the user no longer wants that person to view their photos or engage with them in any other manner.

A user can ban someone from their online space by blocking them. However, try signing out of your account and then looking for the person again if you think you may have been blocked.

Also, you may be blocked if you inappropriately comment on their content. You must accept the user’s choice and refrain from attempting to circumvent it by opening another account or contacting the user in any other way.

5- The Account Deleted

Instagram may delete accounts for violating their community guidelines or terms of service, such as posting spam or offensive content. In these situations, the user’s account is hidden from the public and their profile cannot be accessed by searching for their username.

If you suspect that an account has been permanently deleted and the “User not found” error shows up. It’s essential to respect Instagram’s decision and not attempt to contact the user through other means.

Additionally, reviewing Instagram’s community guidelines may be worthwhile to ensure that your account complies with its rules and regulations.

6- Account Suspended or Banned

Instagram has temporarily suspended or banned certain users for posting content that violates their terms of service. These guidelines forbid the use of offensive or improper language, nudity, and other materials.

Users may have their access to the site permanently suspended if they consistently break these rules. Users have occasionally been kicked off Instagram or suspended for uploading anything that might be construed as spam or misleading.

For example, suppose a user posts many promotional links or posts too many photos in a short time. In that case, they may be temporarily suspended while investigating the issue.

7- Glitch or Bug

Sometimes, Instagram may experience temporary bugs or glitches that cause issues with profiles and account information. The user’s profile may be temporarily unavailable for public view, resulting in the “User Not Found” error message. If you suspect that this may be the case, try the next solution:

  1. Check your internet connection. Make sure the signal is strong before trying to log in again.
  2. Log out and then back in. Sometimes all it takes is simply signing out of and back into your account to fix the user not found problem. However, this method can help refresh the connection and fix any temporary glitches.
  3. Delete the app and reinstall it. If logging out/in doesn’t work, try deleting and reinstalling the app from scratch. Often, it can help clear up any problems with the app itself.
  4. Contact Instagram support. If you’re still having issues, Instagram offers assistance for troubleshooting issues directly.
  5. Wait it out. Sometimes temporary glitches on Instagram can be fixed by waiting a while and trying again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Instagram Users Not Found

Can You See an Instagram Account That Blocked You?

Instagram users can prevent others from viewing their profiles, content, and interactions. If someone blocks you on Instagram, you won’t be able to view their account or messages, nor message them; when trying to visit such an Instagram account you will receive an error notice stating: “User not found.”

How to Find an Instagram Username by ID Number?

It’s still possible to find a specific Instagram user if you don’t know their username. You just need their Instagram ID number, which is assigned when creating an account. Here’s how:

  • Open up the Instagram app
  • Head to the search bar
  • Type in the number ID, then tap the magnifying glass icon
  • Click on the “People”. A list of suggested users will appear, and the top should be the user you’re looking for (assuming their account is public).
  • Tap on their name to go to their profile page

Why Is a User Not Found on Instagram but Can Still Message?

There can be several reasons for being unable to locate someone on Instagram but still receiving messages from them. One possibility could be they have changed their username or removed their account entirely, making them unsearchable. If they previously followed you or interacted with your content. Yet, their name will still appear in your Direct Messages inbox.


We hope this article has provided some useful information on what it means when an Instagram user is not found. However, it can be frustrating, but understanding the causes and possible solutions can help you fix the problem.

If all else fails, contacting Instagram support should do the trick. Remember that if the account has been deleted or blocked, there is only a little that can be done except creating a new account.

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