How to Track Lost Android Phone Using IMEI Number for Free

Losing phones is a common thing nowadays. We can lose our mobile either by misplacing them or someone has stolen them from our pocket. But that should not happen next time. In this article, you can find and track your lost Android phone using the IMEI number for free with a current location online.

how to track lost android phone using IMEI Number for free

How can I get the IMEI number of my lost Android phone?

After knowing what the IMEI number is, how can you find it on the phone? It’s very easy and can be done in various ways including the following:

  • Check It in the Phone Setting Menu. To check your Android’s IMEI, see the settings menu. Click the setting icon and then scroll down the list that appears for the option “about device or system”. Select it and click on status or about the phone and then you will get the IMEI number under the details provided.
  • Dial *#06# from the phone. This is the simplest method. All you need is to dial *#06# and instantly the number will appear on the screen. If your device uses two SIM cards, the numbers of each will be shown; dual SIM phones always have two IMEI phone numbers.
  • Find it on the back of your Android phone. You can also find it imprinted on the backside of the device for those with an unremovable back cover or it can be on the back part under the battery if it’s removed.
  • Check the number on the box. Another option is to find an IMEI number without a phone on the phone packaging if you still have it. The IMEI is always printed on a sticker somewhere on the Android phone box. Also, you can get the number on the SIM card’s tray though only for a few phone brands.
imei tracker online for lost android phone for free

When a call is made through a phone, the IMEI number is sent to its company and that’s how authorities can track a lost mobile phone online. We’ll dig deeper into that later in the discussion.

What is the IMEI number used for? and Why Is It Important?

With the IMEI, you still have some crucial control over the device even if it’s not in your possession. It can help you recover the Android through various means like online sites, applications, or relevant authorities.

Further, with this number, you can render the stolen device worthless for whoever will be having it by preventing them from using it. All you need is to contact the device carrier to blacklist it by giving the lost Android IMEI number. The device won’t make or receive any calls after that. Also, even if the SIM card is replaced with a new one, it won’t connect online via the cellular network.

Have you ever bought a second-hand Android phone?

Did you ask for the IMEI number?

If not, then be sure never to repeat the same mistake again. Sometimes, people find themselves in problems with the authorities ending up being charged in court for crimes they knew nothing about.

Phone thefts are increasing, thus, the need to be alert and avoid buying stolen property. By asking about the IMEI number, you can know if the device is subjected to any insurance claim or is blacklisted.

Lastly, you can use the number to check the device’s specification details such as the model, manufacture and release date, brand, or any other feature.

Hence, you should know the IMEI number and record it somewhere secure for use when the need arises. It’s also advisable not to share the number if possible. IMEI number can help track a lost mobile phone device with current location online:

  • Your Service Operator. A telecom operator can track Android phone location through the IMEI number online for free and immediately after it gets connected to a telecom network. While that’s easy, operators won’t budge without legit permission from the police authorities and worse, most of them might not co-operate as they handle several similar cases daily.
  • Pre-installed IMEI Number Trackers. You can also use software applications installed on the lost Android phone to track them. Such apps can retrieve information on the phone or even block their access.
  • Lost and Found Stolen Phones Database. This is a database that accessed by the general public, manufacturers, sellers, insurance agencies, and law enforcement authorities. Depending on the information you have, if such mobile is tracked, you become the rightful owner. However, the process may be long and does not guarantee success.

Method 1: How To Track Lost Android Phone Online Using IMEI Number Find my device

Apart from giving the IMEI number to the groups mentioned for phone tracing, you can use any of the several free IMEI tracking Apps available online to determine the details of any SIM change in your phone.

These Android IMEI trackers online can help in knowing the whereabouts of your lost mobile, but it’s necessary to know the IMEI number. With them, you can track Android phones using IMEI numbers online with the current location easily. Using this model involves the steps below:

Track lost Android phone using the IMEI number for free with current location online

Step 1: Go to the Android Google play store app and search for the IMEI phone tracker. Several search results will be available so choose the one with good ratings such as the “IMEI tracker-Find my device.”

Step 2: Download the app on any other Android smartphone and install it. It will request permission to access certain files, including calls, contacts, SMS, Location, and Storage so allow it. Ensure the gadget you’re using is an Android 4.4 version and above.

Step 3: Once installed, you will be prompted to fill in the phone numbers of trusted people. If the lost phone’s SIM has been removed and a new one inserted, text messages containing the IMEI number and the phone’s location will be automatically sent to the numbers you provided.

Step 4: Input the lost phone’s IMEI number and click “Track.” A pop-up will appear showing the real-time location of the phone and places close to it. You can then send text messages or command “get the lost phone” and the app will grant the request by sending you the exact location.

Use The Best IMEI Tracker Online

You can also use the IMEI tracker online even without having a lost mobile phone. Even so, that will only be possible if you had already downloaded it in the gadget before. If your phone is not lost yet, below is what you can do now so that when it’s lost one day, you can track it:

Step 1: Search for the IMEI tracker online from the Google play store and download it to your mobile and follow the same steps 1 and 2 above. Always ensure you get the best tracker by checking the reviews and ratings of the ones available.

Step 2: Install the application and launch it. Then, enter the contacts of trusted people who will receive message alerts in case the SIM card is changed. That’s all, but take note to record your Android device’s IMEI number somewhere secure for use in the future.

Step 3: Whenever your phone’s SIM card is removed from the phone, the IMEI tracker will instantly send alerts containing the phone number, IMEI number, and the approximate location to the trusted numbers.

When the phone is lost, you won’t need to worry about any change in the SIM card or the impossibility of tracing it; the IMEI tracker online for lost mobile will do its job.

You can also protect the device more before the theft by setting a PIN number to remember it. Therefore, you can control the lost phone by sending the equivalent codes to initiate alarms, send SMS, and sync data to a selected device, and more.

The only problem with this method is that even if you remove the SIM card yourself, the backup phone numbers will still be notified.

Method 2: Contact Mobile Carrier or the Police to Find Your Lost Android Phone for free

Imagine the lack of peace that follows when you lose an Android phone and don’t know where it could be. Immediately, we start thinking of the private information it contains or how it will be hard to get a new one.

Is it possible to get the lost mobile or at least trace where it is with real-time location?

Fortunately, thanks to technology because you track the Android Phone. One way of doing so is using the IMEI number we’ve discussed above.

How do you use the IMEI number to track the lost Android phone online? Using the number will require that you have it at hand and act swiftly. Immediately your Samsung or iPhone is lost, contact the carrier to help you lock the phone and prevent resale or reactivation. They will ask for the number, thus, have it ready.

Therefore, when tracking a phone using an IMEI number only, it’s wise to contact the relevant authorities like the police or mobile career. This is a method a person cannot handle by himself/herself. It’s also easy as you only need to know the lost phone’s IMEI number and give it to the necessary parties to track the Android device.

The disadvantages with IMEI number tracking are that the phone might be turned off or the number wiped out and replaced with a new valid one. For the first shortcoming, the device can still be traced using the location it was last seen while for the second one, the only option would be to forget about it.

However, thanks to the Android manufacturers, it’s hard and complicated to wipe off the IMEI number.

Method 3: Online Tracker Using Spyic Android Phone for Lost Mobile using imei number

Apart from the IMEI tracker applications, you can use any of the several phone tracking software available online. Spyic is one of the popular options you can opt for. It has various features that are perfect for tracking and some for monitoring or blocking any application in a lost phone.

The spyic software can also track any phone using an IMEI number online. You do not have to root or jailbreak the target device for it to work and since it’s a web service, there’s no need to install any app on your phone. Spyic offers interesting features like SIM and location tracking.

SIM tracking offers the phone’s SIM card details such as its code and phone number. Even the IMEI number can also be found here. Further, the approximate location of the phone can also be shown even when the GPS is turned off.

Location tracking shows the real-time and lives location of the phone. Below are the steps of using Spyic IMEI Tracker online for lost mobile:

Track lost android mobile using Spyic for free
  1. Create a Spyic account and select a subscription plan for tracking Android devices. You can use any web browser to access the service.
  2. Set up the software and allow it to sync data which will take a few seconds. Once done, it will be ready to use
  3. Whenever you need to track your phone using an IMEI number online, you can log into the account through the website and click “start” to commence the IMEI tracking for free.

How to Find Out Missing Android Phone Without IMEI Number

Can you find your lost Android phone without an IMEI number? It’s not easy for everyone but it’s possible. Several spy software apps can assist with that problem and offer an alternative solution.

These applications have a GPS Tracker feature that will track the device to its exact location. Some of them like Spymaster Pro are trustworthy and safe. You can check online for other options for such software.

What Should You Do if You Find a Lost Android Phone?

What if you’ve used the IMEI tracker online and successfully known where your lost mobile is?

Do you take action and go meet the person having it head-on?

Not really; that’s not the best thing to do unless it’s allowed in your land. In many places, tracking lost gadgets personally is not lawful and might be viewed as another form of criminal activity.

Call the police to get your mobile back

So, after you locate the phone, check if the location and places close to it are familiar to you. Probably, you forgot it on a cashier’s desk at the bank or on a table at an eatery.

Ensure the place is somewhere you’ve been to and might have left the phone behind unknowingly. If so, then you can go and inquire if the staff or those around saw it and maybe kept it for you.

If the location is new and is a place you never passed by or even went to, then call the police. They can help track the person with your phone and go after him/her. This way, you ensure safety and the chance of retrieving the device.

What if the device is quite far away and there are minimal chances of getting it back?

In that case, consider locking it down to protect your data block access to confidential information. You can also opt to wipe out all the data remotely and visit the company or carrier center to block the device permanently. The phone will be rendered useless and worthless to the person having it.

What Happens When IMEI is Blocked? Can it Be Unblocked?

Sometimes a phone might be lost and falls into the hands of a genius who knows how to change the IMEI number. What happens if that occurs with your lost device? Of course, if the culprit is found, the charges will be huge because it’s unlawful to tamper with or change a device’s IMEI number.

IMEI mobile phone tracker online for free

We already know what the IMEI number is used for and how its tracking works; it can be blacklisted by the service provider to prevent the gadget from connecting to any network.

But this number can also be changed, meaning blocking it after that occurs won’t help.

So, what happens in such a case where IMEI blocking is of no help in protecting the lost phone?

Unfortunately, the phone will be misused or resold. Thus, the prevention of such cases is the best alternative. Look for an IMEI mobile phone tracker online with a feature that allows users to remotely lock their phones and protect information from misuse.

Some have anti-theft technology designed to reduce the risks involved in theft or loss.

They do so by remotely locking the phone, erasing its data, capturing audio and video of the phone’s surrounding area, and sending alerts if the SIM card is changed.

The bottom line

As technological advancements continue to occur, we expect more people to adapt to the changing circumstances. Millions today possess Android phones and the numbers will continue to increase. The negative impact is that crime rates will also increase as people learn more about techniques for stealing phones and manipulating vital information such as the IMEI number.

You never know and cannot tell when your lovely Smartphone will get lost. If it has ever happened, then you should have learned a good lesson by now. Thankfully, this blog has considered what you need to know about an Android phone IMEI number and how to track lost mobile using an IMEI number online. Remember, this number is supposed to be kept secure as we do with our ATM pins or bank accounts’ passwords.

You can use a free online IMEI tracker to retrieve the lost Android phone immediately. The police and mobile service providers are essential groups that you should reach out to whenever such an issue arises. Hopefully, this discussion has helped you to understand more about the IMEI number which probably never knew. Feel free to review it!

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