What Is Game Pigeon on Android and How To Get It in 2023

The game pigeon was exclusively designed for Apple phones, and it only supports macOS and iOS operating systems, making many wonders how to get the game pigeon app on android devices. The app is a popular game, and for every good reason. It is one of the few gaming platforms that seamlessly operates and allows smooth running even with many players on board.

Recently, there has been great pressure to allow people to play game pigeons on android devices for the non-Apple iPhone users to enjoy the app’s experience as well. This article details whether it is possible to download game pigeon and have it on android devices. How to go about the procedure. It also discusses why the hype around gamepigeon grows day in day out.

Table of contents:

  1. What is Game pigeon app?
  2. When was Game Pigeon released?
  3. Does GamePigeon app have more games?
  4. Is GamePigeon only for apples?
  5. Can you play Game Pigeon on Android?
  6. Can you play iMessage Games on Android?
  7. Is Android Game Pigeon safe?
  8. How to get Game Pigeon on android?

What is Game pigeon app?

Let’s first understand what the game pigeon app is before getting to the nitty-gritty about getting it on the android devices. As mentioned at the outset, this is a gaming platform that allows multiple players on board. And still gives the users the wonderful experience of seamless operations.

What’s more, the platform allows the users to enjoy many five-star rated games, including Minecraft Pocket edition, Real Racing, Space Team, Modern Combat, Draw Something, etc. Imagine having these popular games on one platform and playing all of them with friends and family.

The unique feature of gamepigeon games is that it connects with the iPhone messaging app, i.e., iMessages. As such, you can share messages with best friends, family members, and colleagues, asking them to play with you.

This powerful integration not only makes the gaming experience enjoyable but also brings people together. You get a wonderful opportunity to play games and have a lot to discuss after beating one another. All courtesy of the Game pigeon- iMessage integration.

Game Pigeon

When was Game Pigeon released?

Game pigeon is not an old platform, considering that it is only five years in the Apple market. It was launched on the 13th day of September 2016. As such, it will be clocking six years in the Apple market this September.

The brand behind the game pigeon games platform is called Vitalii Zlotskii and is its sole proprietor. We owe all the benefits of the game pigeon app platform to this brand.

Does GamePigeon app have more games?

Admittedly, there are many gaming platforms around that people could explore, but many cling to game pigeon, and for every good reason. The primary explanation behind this hype is the fact the platform allows seamless user operation.

This means that as you enjoy gaming, you don’t expect the games to hang or be boring because the game pigeon app is a highly rated platform whose developers have dedicated a lot of time to giving gamers the best experience.

Furthermore, the game pigeon is a multi-player gaming platform. This means that it incorporates several gamers and still gives users the best gaming experience. Honestly, looking at the game, you definitely agree that it offers more than it should.

Moreover, the bit about allowing several five-star rated games on the platform is amazing. Minecraft Pocket edition, Real Racing, Modern Combat 6, Space Team, Muffin Knight, Draw Something, etc…

These are some of the most popular games whose experiences every gamer wants to feel. Thankfully, you can enjoy all these games on the gamepigeon platform without having to download each separately as individual apps.

Finally, the fact that game pigeon syncs with iMessage games to allow you to invite other users just makes it amazing. Imagine that all you have to do is send a game pigeon-framed message to your favorite people, and you will be in for the real competition.

Is GamePigeon only for apples?

While there is every good thing about the game pigeon platform. The amazing experience is only available for iOS and macOS. This becomes a big issue, primarily because android phone users also long to have a great gaming experience with this highly-rated platform.

After all, who does want to play games smoothly and be able to invite many friends and family members for the game? Ultimately, this developed into a big problem, putting pressure on the developers, and there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel.

Can you play Game Pigeon on Android?

Many people wonder whether the game pigeon gaming platform is officially available on android devices. The answer to this is a straight no; it is neither available on the Android phone nor Plays Store for download. In fact, you cannot even find gamepigeon on specific company stores such as LG smartworld app or Galaxy Store.

Even for iOS and macOS, the platform does not come pre-installed on the devices. The users have to go about downloading it. We hope that future versions of mobile devices might come with the app pre-installed in them. The same way we can enjoy free Netflix that comes pre-installed on the latest devices.

As mentioned previously, the game pigeon app offers users a seamless operation and experience, and android users also want to enjoy these. While you might not see game pigeon pre-installed on your android device or on Google’s Play Store, you can still enjoy the experience.

It is so encouraging to know that the pressure built around this app finally yielded fruits when the Gamepigeon management allowed the multi-player platform to be enjoyed on non-iOS and macOS devices. Soon, we will see how to go about enjoying game pigeon on your android device.

Can you play iMessage Games on Android?

With the technological advent featuring more and more things. You can now enjoy iMessage games on your android devices. iMessage games are those supported by iOS and macOS messaging applications.

Besides, you can enjoy playing with multiple characters on a platform like the game pigeon. However, before enjoying the seamless experience on gamepigeon, you have to get the app on your device. The next section addresses how.

Is Android Game Pigeon safe?

While you cannot trade the wonderful experience of game pigeon with any other thing, you must remember that downloading gamepigeon comes with some risks. First, you risk lagging your Android phone since it is not designed for this particular platform.

The other major concern is data loss. You can lose a massive amount of data while getting game pigeon to your device because you have to factory reset the device before initializing the steps above. As such, you need to back up your data so that should the phone crash, you have a copy of your data.

How to get Game Pigeon on android?

It is possible to enjoy playing Minecraft, Real Racing, Modern Combat, and many other highly rated games on game pigeon. The following are steps that, when followed to the latter, will help you download the Gamepigeon on your android device;

  1.  Download the Wemessageapp app via the Play Store. Alternatively, you can download it using the link: https://wemessageapp.com/
  2. Get to the Java Development Kit 9 and have it ready.
  3. While at this stage, download the macOS.
  4. Allow permission for MacOS, thereby allowing the operating system to run on the device.
  5. Give permission again, this time allowing the terminal command to run. You can use the macOS settings to actualize this.
  6. Proceed and let the terminal command run.
  7. Once the process starts, you will receive a prompt asking you to log in through your apple credentials. To do this, use the same ID you used for the macOS settings above.
  8. As you set up the password, note it down so as not to forget or lose it.
  9. At this stage, your phone should successfully connect with MacOS.
  10. Once this is done, log into the server to connect with MacOS. Remember that this action requires the ID and password you have used in the preceding steps.
  11. Everything is set, so go ahead and invite anyone with a device from iOS to send you a text message with the game pigeon request.


Gamepigeon is exclusively designed for iOS and macOS and is currently unavailable for Android devices. However, because of the app’s popularity and its ability to allow gamers to play multiple games on a multi-player basis, more people, even those with android devices, now want. Thankfully, you can download the app on your phone, but you must remember that it comes with risks, including potentially crashing your phone. The blog has shared the simple steps you need to follow, but remember to back up your data to avoid losing them prior to a factory reset. Still, you can opt for other platforms instead of risking with a game pigeon on non-iOS and macOS devices.

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