What Is Security Log Agent and How To Disable It?

If you own a Samsung device. You might have seen the security log agent android app in the Google Activity, and you might be wondering what it is. The Android securitylogagent is an important system.

It comes with old and new Samsung models, and you have nothing to worry about. This article clears your doubts by sharing thoughts about what it is. Whether it is safe, and how you can disable it.

What is security log agent Android app?

Security Log Agent Android app

The most important thing you need to know about any android app is what actually it is before getting to the minor details.

The security log agent refers to a built-in system application that comes with Samsung devices and checks your device’s security logs.

The app helps the phone detect and identify unauthorized actions, accesses, and logs that would lead to security concerns. A securitylogagent is not a security lock that prevents unauthorized logs but alerts the device of such logs.

Why is the securitylogagent important?

Most built-in apps like security log agents and BBC agents run in the background, and you might not interact with it daily. Making you wonder what roles it plays on your Android phone.

The app is critical for your phone safety because as it runs in the background. It reads all security logs, and if it detects any access with security concerns. Also, it will display a notification on the phone’s screen.

The typical security notification message reads, ‘Unauthorized actions have been detected. Restart your device to undo any unauthorized changes.’

Is the security log agent app safe?

As technology features newer advancements and brings us good things every other day, the data security & integrity violation rate is on the rise.

Many become victims when they unintentionally leak personal data to third parties or have their information used for criminal activities.

Sadly, some apps, especially third-party ones, have been linked to such activities. For instance, an employee might be in the process of downloading corporate data when he’s prompted to download a particular app. and the mere act of executing such a command may mark the introduction of a virus to a device.

In light of the above, people are skeptical about apps, especially those they don’t use daily and understand nothing about, such as the security log agent android app or skmsagentservice.

In fact, many clients have asked us whether this app is malware, bloatware, or spyware like OMACP. If you are equally worried, you might be relieved to know that the security log agent is a safe app that will not harm your Android. Besides, it uses a negligible amount of your device’s resources, including memory and space.

Can you disable the app?

Despite knowing the roles of the security log agent app shared in this article, you might still want to disable it, probably because of a system lag.

While you are free to do so, you need to remember that disabling or removing the app will mean that your phone will miss out on some things.

For example, it will not read security logs, meaning that it will never detect security threats.

How to disable the security log agent Android app?

Notably, the security log agent is a system app; hence you cannot disable it normally, the way you would do for third-party apps.

Often, the action will require root access, which you can gain by following the android rooting guide instructions. You can follow any of the following procedures to disable security log agent;

1- Using package disabler app

Package disabler apps help disable specific system applications that cannot be stopped normally. It takes root access to go this route.

Once you have gained root access, download a package disabler app like service disabler or package disabler pro app on your device.

  • Launch it and on its search bar.
  • Type ‘security log agent‘ and locate it.
  • Select the ‘disable‘ option.
  • Confirm the action by clicking ‘yes‘ or ‘ok.’

2- Using titanium backup

The other alternative to disabling the security log agent is using the titanium backup, which equally requires root access.

It takes a few steps, and once you have gained root access to the device.

  • Download the ‘Titanium backup app‘ on your Android phone
  • Launch it.
  • Type ‘security log agent‘ on its search bar and locate it.
  • Disable the app by clicking ‘Freeze.’


Security log agent is a built-in system application with most Samsung devices. The app helps them read security logs and determine unauthorized actions. The app runs in the background, and you can confirm this by checking Google Activity.

Many are worried that it is a harmful app, and you might be relieved to know that the securitylogagent is totally harmless. It is not recommended for deletion, but if you want to disable it. You can use titanium backup or package disabler apps like the service disabler or package disabler pro app.

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