Com.lge.shutdownmonitor What Is It? Can I Remove It?

LG devices are popular today and use the com.lge.shutdownmonitor provision. Still, you may not be familiar with a thing about the lge shutdownmonitor Android app, making them wonder hard what it is, whether it is safe, what are the disadvantages of having it, and how to remove it.

If you are one of them, you are in the right place; stick around to get the answers to all your questions related to com.lge.shutdownmonitor, including how to remove it, answered.

What is com.lge.shutdownmonitor android app?

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of the com.lge.shutdownmonitor, let’s take a moment to understand what it means. Simply put, it is the package name for shutdown monitor. A provision that monitors the device status of any android device.

The package name is important when you need to uninstall the app or update it since it’s the very package name that you will type on such a platform.

com.lge.shutdownmonitor app

Com.lge.shutdownmonitor denotes a preinstalled system app. Meaning that you need not download it, although you will have to update it occasionally for smooth running. In addition, the package name is when checking for the running apps in the device’s Google Activity.

What is the meaning of shutdown monitor?

The shutdown monitor is a provision in LG android devices that monitors the device’s status. It is a system process that keeps running in the background before your android device can log off, restart, or be switched on. The monitor saves unsaved activities so that the user can access and retrieve them.

The shutdown monitor extends beyond android devices and works with Windows PCs for the sake of saving unsaved data when the PC is restarted or logged off.

What if I cannot find com lge shutdown monitor among other apps?

Many LG users have wondered if they really have the shutdown monitor provision or the com.lge.shutdownmonitor package in their devices. These concerns usually arise when a person checks the main menu and does not find the app.

If that is the case, worry not because com lge shutdownmonitor is a background android app and does not appear in the foreground with other apps.

Thankfully, there is always a way out for everything, and you can get to see this app. All you got to do is click the main menu and tap on Settings. Access the ‘Mobile usage’ option and you will see com.lge.shutdownmonitor among the running apps.

Is com.lge.shutdownmonitor safe or spyware?

We enjoy many benefits, courtesy of technological advancements. Sadly, though, most of these advancements put people at risk of data corruption where their personal information and data are leaked, spied on, or exchanged and used for malicious intent.

Some third-party apps have been the genesis of data corruption, which is why many people do not trust apps.

Consequently, many have asked whether the shutdown monitor app is safe, or it’s just another spyware like the omacp. Thankfully, the app is safe and you may find this relieving. Although it may require some permissions to monitor your android device status and save unsaved stuff.

Rest assured that it does not eavesdrop on your activities to compromise data integrity. You might also be thrilled to know that com.lge.shutdownmonitor, being a system app, is guarded by PlayProtect. Another provision that assures you of its safety.

Does shutdownmonitor eat into your android resources?

Another concern that almost every user of smart devices has is whether the device’s apps eat into resources. In this context, some users have wondered whether the com lge shutdownmonitor app eats into the smartphone’s resources.

By resources, we mean storage space and the device’s memory. The answer to this question is no. Admittedly, it takes some space while being installed in a device like any other app such as Lia informant, and com.lge.launcher3. However, it takes no more space apart from what it needs for installation.

Concerning phone memory, keep in mind that any app, whether system or third-party, takes up a fraction of the memory the device allocates for it to function. Similarly, com lge shutdownmonitor takes up a fraction of the device’s memory, but not more than what the phone allocates it.

What are the advantages of having the app?

If you are an LG device user. You are definitely wondering how android com lge shutdownmonitor app discussed in this article benefits your device. The answer to this question is a one-sentence summary, ‘it monitors device status so that in case of a shutdown, it takes care of the unsaved data to prevent data loss.’

Of course, there are times when you may switch off your phone unintentionally. For example, when your stance leads to involuntary long-pressing of the power button, a command that switches of a device.

In such cases, the com lge shutdownmonitor app collects data about the current activities whose data you did not save and saves them. The next time you access your device, you can view and retrieve the data.

The other case is the shutdown of a low battery. Again, this is involuntary and the only way to save it is by recharging your device. The app saves unsaved data and when you switch the device on, you can find the activity log and data for unsaved stuff.

Are there any disadvantages?

Like a coin with two sides, the com.lge.shutdownmonitor android app also has its drawbacks apart from helping the user retrieve unsaved data.

The first one has to do with battery consumption, which occurs because the app runs in the background. Since it operates as long as your device is on, it also consumes power and battery, ultimately contributing to faster draining of charge.

However, keep in mind that there are many other apps including rootpa, both system and third-party running on the phone, and all these contribute to battery draining.

Furthermore, as mentioned previously. The lge shutdownmonitor app takes some storage space in your device at the point of installation, which is the case for any other app on your device.

The other issue is about memory, where com.lge.shutdownmonitor takes up part of the device’s memory to function. Again, commenting on this, remember that all other apps in the device take up memory for them to function.

Therefore, even if you were to remove the LG shutdown monitor app, it will not do your device any substantial good.

Should i remove com lge shutdownmonitor app?

Many have wondered whether they should remove com lge shutdown monitor app from their devices. The previous sections of this article have helped you understand what the app is, what it does to your device, why the LG device needs it, and its pros and cons.

Therefore, it’s all up to you to decide whether or not to keep it on your phone. If you choose to remove it. Remember that you will not be able to recover your unsaved data in case of a shutdown.

How to remove com.lge.shutdownmonitor?

Com.lge.shutdownmonitor is a system app, meaning that its installation process requires root access. You can read the Android Rooting Guide and once you have gained root access.

  • Download the System Remover Application.
  • Launch it on the device.
  • Type Shutdown Monitor and, on the checkbox, tap ‘Uninstall‘ to confirm the deletion.
  • The app will be permanently deleted and you will not lose other important data apart from what the app had.


Com.lge.shutdownmonitor is an app that works hand in hand with the shutdown monitor system process to monitor your device so that in case of a shutdown, unsaved stuff can be saved and later retrieved. Although many mislabel it as spyware and malware, it is none of these and it’s also a safe app. To remove it, follow the Android Rooting Guide instructions then go for the system app removal method, and the app and its data will be cleared.

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