What Is Com Motorola launcher3 and How To Remove It?

Every time you need to launch other apps on your phone or tablet, you need an app launcher to give you an interface and make the functionality possible. Com Motorola launcher3 is one such android launcher that works on Motorola devices and allows the users to access apps and widgets.

The launcher can be compared to the PC’s desktop, allowing access to the packages and apps. The PC typically has the task manager as a suitable alternative through which other apps can be accessed although android devices have no alternatives for the launcher. Dive into this article to learn more about Android com.Motorola.launcher3 app, a good example of a launcher used on Motorola devices.

What Does Com Motorola Launcher3 Mean?


The first step in appreciating is what is com Motorola launcher3, and what it does in your Motorola devices. Every android device has a stock application called the launcher. Motorola launcher 3 is the stock app for Motorola devices.

The com.Motorola.launcher3 helps launch other apps and customize application drawers, as well as the home screen. In fact, when you want to make a call, send a text message, play a video game, use social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Twitter, it is a launcher like the com Motorola launcher3 that makes such functionalities possible.

Is Com.Motorola.launcher3 An Android Open-Source Application?

The technological world now uses the phrase ‘android open-source program (AOSP)’ more than ever. And you might wonder what the phrase means. It denotes free apps whose downloads come at no cost.

Launcher 3 apps are the AOSP type, meaning that their download costs nothing. However, com Motorola launcher3 is a pre-installed system app like any other apps like the com sec android daemon app. Although you can uninstall it and get a different launcher of your preference. This could be because of different reasons, including error messages constantly appearing or when the Motorola launcher 3 does not serve you satisfactorily.

Is Com Motorola launcher3 A Background App?

You might find it a bit challenging to appreciate the com Motorola launcher3 app if you cannot see it among other apps despite knowing how important it is to your device.

You cannot see the launcher because it is a background app, meaning that itself and its operations will not appear in the foreground.

Therefore, when you want to know whether or not it is working, check your Activity log, which allows you to see which apps are running in the fore and background.

Motorola launcher 3 remains a great app that Moto devices would not function without unless you install other third-party launchers.

Is com.Motorola.launcher3 Malware?

One of the biggest concerns you may face when downloading something online is infection by malware or virus. The concern is also with many apps, including pre-installed ones, which many accuse of being loaded with malware.

Consequently, you might be concerned that you are subjecting your device to a virus by using a Motorola device with com Motorola launcher3 as the default launcher.

The straight answer to that is a no because the Motorola launcher 3 app is Play-protected and is not malware-infected. Therefore, as you enjoy using a Motorola device, rest assured that there is nothing to worry about and that the app launcher will not corrupt your system like the OMACP Android app.

Does Com.Motorola.launcher3 Spy On Your Android Phone?

Other people are worried that com.Motorola.launcher3 app may be spyware, eavesdropping into your activities and sharing your information with third parties, or bloatware, filling your device space for no reason.

Thankfully, the Motorola launcher is none of these, and there is nothing to raise eyebrows for even as you use it.

The Motorola launcher 3 app is there to help you launch and use other apps including com Tmobile pr adapt and widgets in your Moto device and will not share your information with the manufacturers or any third party for any malicious intent.

Answering the bloatware concern, it is good to know that Motorola launcher 3 is a system app, meaning that your device needs it for it to run. In fact, without launcher3, you will not access other widgets and apps unless you download and install other third-party launchers.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Having Launcher3 In Your Android?

There is nothing big about having a launcher3 in your device, especially because your device needs it to operate. However, having several launcher apps in a device takes space and memory, and with time, the phone or the tablet may run out of these.

Sadly, when space and memory are insufficient, your device will slow down, and its functionality, including speed, will be compromised. Worse off, the device may shut down completely, showing how critical memory and space shortage can get.

Nothing to worry about with only one launcher like com Motorola launcher3 in your device.

What Are The Unique Features Of Motorola Launcher 3?

The unique feature of every app makes it useful and typically different from the rest, and you might be interested in knowing what features make com Motorola launcher3 ideal. Here are some of its great features;

It is a stock launcher

Being that com.Motorola.launcher3 is a stock application, it is clean and easy to use. Clean denotes that the Motorola launcher does not have any ads, unlike the third-party apps that may annoy you with their many apps.

This is the case because the launcher3 apps come the way google designed them and are not modified. In addition, they are easy to use and give you the greatest experience, one you would not enjoy with the custom launchers. In addition, stock launchers do not consume a lot of power despite running in the background.

It offers the user a simple app drawer

The other unique and ideal characteristic of the com.Motorola.launcher3 app is that it offers a simple app drawer. For instance, by a mere click of the menu button, you can access all the apps like the carrier hub. Besides the menu button is a button showing all the recently accessed apps.

As though that’s not enough, the launcher3 app allows you to make new folders, merge several apps. Move them to the folder, and give it a fitting name for easy access.

Power-saving and battery efficiency

If you wanted to compare com Motorola launcher3 against other customer launchers. You would realize that the latter is more efficient. Being a stock app, it is specially designed to save battery and maximize power saving.

Consequently, you will not have to charge your device from time to time, unlike custom launchers which drain power.

How To Remove Com.Motorola.Launcher3 App?

Although the com Motorola launcher3 app is superb and its functionality outweighs many customer launchers. It still may not be your launcher of choice, and you might want to remove it from your device.

For you to do so, you must gain root access by following the manufacturers’ instructions. However, you can clear data and disable the Motorola launcher if it was your default launcher; Also, install a custom launcher of your choice.

You can do this by clicking on ‘settings’ on the main menu and selecting the ‘Apps’ option. On it, search for ‘default launcher’ and scroll downwards to get the ‘clear default’ option. Confirm the action by clicking on the option.


Com.Motorola.launcher3 is the app launcher on android devices. It allows you to access and launch other apps and widgets and customize the home screen. Although it comes pre-installed on the phone. You can disable it if it does not meet your expectation or follow the root access instructions and uninstall it. Unlike most custom launchers, it is battery efficient and easy to use.

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