What is OMACP on Android and How to Disable It

The android devices are subject to malware attacks from suspicious app to internet sites. You may take precaution measures, but your phone still ends up malfunctioning due to malicious software infection. From malware to adware and viruses, every android phone is susceptible to attack resulting in constant low battery life, messaging interference, and low data connections. One such android problem is OMACP Android Virus. Many android users are still oblivious of what OMACP is and do not know what to do when the virus is active on their phones.

This article is intended to enlighten users of this virus and keep their phones free of infection. The paper also gives a detailed, easy-to-follow guide on how to remove this stranger from your phone. Rather than focus on one recovery plan, this paper will show some of the different ways you can apply to get rid of the virus from your phone. However, before we delved into how to mitigate the OMACP android virus, let us answer some important questions about detecting the virus in the first place.

What is OMACP

How do you know that your android device is affected by OMACP?

Viruses are cunning; they are not easily detectable at the very moment they invade a device since the phone may continue to operate normally. You may realize these infections after the virus has started to damage several apps and eat up the device storage capacity.

What is OMACP on Android?

OMACP Android virus acts the same as other phone viruses; it sneaks into the android system and makes considerable harm. It is common to hit the messaging app, swelling the space taken by this app and causing dysfunctions. You receive a long-awaited message, and when you open it, oops! You cannot believe what you see- “Text Messaging-Unfortunately OMACP has stopped! That is an indication a virus has attacked your phone.

How to Remove OMACP Virus from your Android Device?

Once you detect the virus from your phone, act decisively and immediately to get rid of it as soon as possible. It is good to mention that you need to take care of where you download your apps and other stuff since they may reintroduce the virus to your phone.

Avoid downloading things from unrecognized sites or untrusted places on the internet. Here are a few steps to follow in eliminating OMACP from your device:

Transfer your important data into another backup device or in the cloud

Transferring your video and data to another safe device is very important to save them since some data is usually lost during malware cleaning. You do not want your important files lost together with the virus.

Transfer data to fix OMACP Android

Shut down the device until you deal with other specifics

Shutting down your device will help salvage your Android system from the damage caused by the malware. If it were to reach the android system, it might prove even harder to eliminate from the device.

The shutdown also prevents the malware from ravaging other apps within the phone, so it is the first step to restore the phone to full operations.

In the meantime, you could research the causes of the virus, perhaps depending on your android model, in establishing which correction steps fit your phone.


Find the infected app on the App Manager

OMACP often eats up the messaging application making this app take more space than intended. Your phone will indicate that it is running out of storage even if you have not piled many things in the phone.

  • Go to the Settings app on your device
  • Then click on the Message application and the storage.
  • You will recognize that OMACP is eating an abnormal space.
  • Click delete, and the virus would be gone from your phone.

Other Signs a Malware or a Virus is on Your Phone

The following signs might be an indication that your phone is suffering from virus infection.

Constant advertisement irrespective of which app you click on your phone. It can be irritating, but it is also an indication that your phone needs a clean sweep of viruses.

You install an app, and the icon disappears could also signify the presence of a virus in your phone.

The phone’s battery is draining at an alarming rate more than it used that you constantly need to charge could be a warning sign of a malware infection.

Your strange applications are running on your phone that you have never seen before.

How to Stay Safe From OMACP Android Virus?

Since OMACP is not known by many, there is a chance your android device is still safe from this thief of storage space. Therefore, you need to take precautions that will give the needed convenience of never coming into contact with this virus. The following guidelines will guarantee your phone safety:

  • Ensure your phone safety security settings are on. You will click stings, then go to security settings and disallow any unknown sources. This action will prevent any app from the google play store from downloading or installing into your phone. Foreign apps are the usual carriers of many malware, including the OMACP virus.
  • Ensure your phone is updated by installing the latest android system updates with its security feature. The new updates often offer provisions for removing any potential bugs from the app or device. They also reinforce the device’s security feature that makes it impenetrable by a common virus.
  • When downloading a new app such as ChocoEukor into your android device, ensure you read the app permission as this may give you insight into whether it is good for your device or could it be a window for inviting viruses into your device. If the app permissions are above the stated functionality of the app, then consider searching for an alternative.
  • Avoid logging in to public Wi-Fi or cyber café when accessing the internet with your device. These are the breeding grounds for malware and virus. Staying clear of these areas will not only save your device from virus infection but will also protect your data that could easily be stolen or distorted by hackers. If you are to use public Wi-Fi or the internet at cybercafé, consider employing a VPN to protect your data from potential theft or infections.
  • Install safe anti-malware apps– The is a lot of debate in the tech world about the effectiveness of anti-virus apps on android devices, but it better to safe than subject your phone to a bunch of attacking malware. The anti-malware apps are designed to aid in detecting, preventing, and removing any lurking threats to your device. However, they can drain your phone’s battery life and performance since they are constantly running in the background and require a huge amount of power to keep active.
  • Uninstall a suspicious app– If you see an application that did not come with the phone and one that you did not authorize its installation, then it may be a virus gateway to your device. Consider removing this app since I guess you don’t use it.
  1. Go to Settings> Apps, then go to the foreign app.
  2. Click on the app and then uninstall it. If it is challenging to uninstall the app, it may be having administrative rights that you should first remove.
  3. Malware having device administrator right can be tricky to uninstall, but there are lots of information on how you can strip off these rights and remove the app from the system.
Uninstall OMACP from your Android

Test for Success

Upon removing the OMACP from your device and another app that looks suspicious, restart your android device to determine if it is behaving normally.

If it does bravo, you have succeeded. However, if the problem persists, you could consider trying more anti-virus apps to help remove the problem from your phone.


OMACP Samsung Android virus is not easily detectable and can be realized after it has affected your device messaging capacity. Since all phones are susceptible to an attack from a virus, owners should avoid exposing their devices to the environment from potential attacks. This paper has discussed practical suggestions on how to kick out the OMACP android virus from your device and protect your device from infection. We hope you find this information valuable whenever you encounter a problem with the virus, as mentioned above.

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