What Is Com Google Android Packageinstaller and How to Fix It?

Android devices have many system apps that come pre-installed including the com.google.android.packageinstaller, and mobile installer. While operating any device, you will need to install, update, and uninstall apps from time to time. The com google android package installer app assists with the three roles.

The Android app is also called the package installer apk. It’s quite critical to the phone’s operation since, without it, third-party apps would never be installed, updated, or removed when one feels the need to. Use this article to learn more about the app package installer, including how to successfully disable it.

What Is Com Google Android Packageinstaller?

Com.google.android.package.installer, also called the packageinstaller app on android devices. The package installer apk helps an android phone or tablet install, update, or remove any app successfully.

Without the app package installer on the android devices, they would remain as they were purchased. You would never be able to add any extra app to the device, update the existing ones, or remove those deemed unwanted. Games or any third-party apps would never be added to the device. It would have to remain with the original apps it came pre-installed with.

Com Google Android Packageinstaller

How Does Com.google.android.packageinstaller Work?

After appreciating the main role of the com.google.android.packageinstaller in any android device, it is critical to understand how the package installer apk works. Any android device has two types of apps; the system apps the devices come pre-installed with, and the third-party apps the user sources for the device by downloading them.

The com google android packageinstaller app package is especially important when sourcing third-party apps, updating, or permanently removing them from the android phone.

Typically, installing an app involves unzipping the package it comes with and performing functionalities that enable the device to root them, and it’s here that the com.google.android.packageinstaller comes in.

The package installer app is described as an analog to the zip files that unzips them and prepares them for installation, which is especially important since, without proper unzipping, the files would never function well.

In addition, com.google.android.packageinstaller checks the apk files’ sources and whether they are bloatware or spyware-injected.

Does My Phone Need Com Google Android Packageinstaller?

As an owner of an android device who has read the previous paragraphs, you might still wonder whether your com google android packageinstaller apk is bloatware such as OMACP and whether your device needs it.

Bloatware refers to programs or apps a device does not necessarily need and are therefore useless, although they consume space. The good news is your android device needs the package installer on Android devices. Thus, the app is not bloatware.


Does Com.google.android.packageinstaller Spy On My Phone?

The other worry that most android users usually have concerning the pre-installed apps is that they could be spyware. This basically means that the apps eavesdrop or spy onto the user’s activities on the device and send the data to a third party who illegally uses the information for malicious intents, sometimes including financial gain.

Thankfully, com google android package installer app is not just a pre-installed system app but a google property. This means that it is google-verified and safety-guaranteed. Therefore, you can rest assured that the app does not spy on your activities and share your information with third parties for malice or financial gains. In fact, android devices need that app more than the app needs them.

What Are The Challenges Of The Com Google Android Packageinstaller In Android Devices?

It is usually challenging to have any app on your device, although the challenges vary in depth from one app to the app. Likewise, like any other app such as com.android.gallery3d. com google android packageinstaller has its setback despite the crucial roles of helping download and install, update, or remove third-party apps.

First things first, space consumption is real. Although most Android package installer apps are only 30 MB, that’s still space since the app does not sit somewhere in outer space.

Secondly, the app package on android devices consumes memory, especially RAM, which determines the device’s speed. At the onset, this may not seem like a big deal; however, as more apps are installed into a device, it could start slowing down and may even shut down someday when overwhelmed.

Furthermore, com.google.android.packageinstaller consumes and drains the battery like the applinker. Like most pre-installed system apps, the app package on android devices runs in the background.

This implies that it probably runs and operates the device for a longer time than most apps in the device, translating to power consumption. As your device consumes more power, you will often have to charge it; yet constant charging ultimately ruins any device.

Apart from space and memory consumption and power usage. Com google android packageinstaller does not have any setbacks, and the users have not mentioned any other concerns.

What Are The Pros Of Android Package Installer?

Although the question about the advantage of having com google android packageinstaller in the android devices may seem obvious, it’s definitely worth answering. From time to time, you will see an error message showing that an app has stopped working, for example, ‘Temple run has stopped working.’ Often, an app may stop functioning if it is outdated and needs to be updated.

Without the Android package installer app running in the background, these messages would be so frequent. If you decide to troubleshoot the device and execute the app update, the app package install is still useful.

In addition, it helps you install new apps and remove those you don’t need. And even as you source new apps. The android app package installer helps do a background check for their sources to ensure no spyware or bloatware injections.

Is Com.google.android.packageinstaller A Virus?

Although technology betters things, many challenges come in, and some affect devices. One main setback the industry faces is viruses, which are programs that corrupt a system and comprise its functionality and data integrity.

A device might import viral programs while downloading them, and you may rightfully wonder whether the package installer apk is in android devices.

The good news is that the app is Play-protected and Google-verified. Meaning that it cannot corrupt your systems or compromise your data integrity. Consequently, you are sure about your data safety while the app runs in the background.

Are The Package Installer And Mobile Service Manager App The Same?

Com.google.android.packageinstaller may often be confused with the mobile service manager. A functionality is present in Android phones and tablets, and you may want to know whether they are the same or not. As the name suggests, the two are completely different, and the only similarity would be the fact that they are all pre-installed system apps such as scpm client, but their roles differ in a device.

For example, as already mentioned, an app installer package helps Android devices install, update, and remove apps. However, the apps still need to be managed, and their files have to be distributed, and this is when the mobile service manager package comes in handy.

Consequently, although the roles are different, they are all critical to the device. Implying how critical the app installer and manager are to any Android device.

How Can I Disable Com Google Android Packageinstaller?

Sometimes, people fail to understand the purpose of pre-installed apps and struggle to uninstall or disable them. Therefore, you might feel the same for the package installer on android and feel like permanently removing it.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, you cannot disable or uninstall the app, with or without roots. It is like the device’s spinal cord, and it cannot work without it; hence no room for permanent removal.


Android devices have many system apps, including the app package installer, denoted by com.google.android.packageinstaller. It helps android devices install, update, or remove third-party apps. Besides, it checks the apk files’ sources and ensures they are not bloatware or spyware-injected. Although one might get worried that the package installer android app is malware or bloatware. It is not since it is Play-protected and google-verified. Sadly, one cannot uninstall or disable the app since it’s every device’s spine.

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