What Is Org Codeaurora Snapcam Android App and How To Fix It?

If you are one of the tech-savvy guys and often check My Activity on Google. You might have come across the org codeaurora snapcam android app and are wondering hard what is this name means. Many people worldwide are even worried about it, not knowing that org.codeaurora.snapcam is designed for their good.

The description or the extension for this feature resonates like an app, and you may wonder if it is an application. Peer into this article to fully understand what the org.codeaurora.snapcam android app is and how you can fix it.

What does org codeaurora snapcam app mean?

Org codeaurora snapcam android app is a common feature in My Activity in Google and denotes the package name for the port mod designed to work with an alternative form of Google Camera made for non-Google devices.

It is a provision designed to work with the modified non-Google camera non-pixel users could take advantage of. With codeaurora snapcam, a non-pixel user can utilize his non-Google device to explore the wonderful Google photographic aspects.

Org Codeaurora Snapcam App

Is org codeaurora snapcam a real Android app?

If you have noticed org codeaurora listed in My Google Activity. You may be asking yourself whether it is a real app. Typically, the activity log contains the list of apps and places you have recently accessed. From the newest to the oldest.

However, even though org codeaurora may be listed among other features in the log, it is not a real app.

The port mod allows you to enjoy Google camera features on your non-Google device.

Org.codeaurora.snapcam android app as an package name

Every app has a unique extension called the package with which it is identified in Google Play and App Stores, and third-party stores.

The app is listed on the activity log on My Google Activity for Android devices using the same package name. Even though org codeaurora snapcam does not denote an app. The functionality it represents makes it ideal for having the package name.

The fact that it signifies port mod for an alternative feature and functionality, i.e., camera, makes the package name extension worthwhile.

Why Android choose the codeaurora snapcam as the name of port mod?

Like millions of others, you might be wondering hard why Android chose the org codeaurora snapcam android app to represent the port mod for the non-Google version of Google Camera.

The short answer is that as of now, Android has already developed two cameras for its devices. Meaning that should it want to have another camera work, the existing ports have to undergo modification.

Therefore, in an attempt to support auxiliary cameras, a port mod denoted by codeaurora snapcam was developed.

The advantages of having the app.

Org.codeaurora.snapcam android app is not a nuisance in the non-Google devices in which it is found but has many advantages. For example, with this port mod, non-Google devices can explore the special features of Google cameras because unique items like wide-angle and telephoto can happen separately.

Besides, Google computation photography includes editing photos, and this, too, is possible with the port modification in the form of org codeaurora snapcam android app.

As if that’s not enough, the port mod works without any rooting. Even for ultra-wide-angle photos, which is definitely an improvement of the existing cameras.

Lastly, unlike most Google camera ports requiring extra modifications. The org codeaurora snapcam android app does not take any additional settings while allowing Google cam in non-Google-devices.

What happens when you have a Google camera installed on a device with the app?

While not every device has org.codeaurora.snapcam android app: still, checking My Activity log, you will find the package name listed among the recently used app, primarily if you used the Google camera.

This implies that Google devices with the Gcam port refer to the conventional camera. Using the org code aurora snap cam app hence the listing in the activity log when the traditional camera is used.

However, if you have installed an auxiliary camera, including the non-Google one on an Android phone that does not operate with Google. Org codeaurora snapcam android app will specifically represent the extra camera port mods and not the conventional ones. Suggesting that the difference depends on whether you have the typical Gcam or not.

Is there a rule that governs the setup of package names, such as the codeaurora snapcam?

In coming up with package names for applications, companies typically follow a rule that makes the name easily identifiable with the company it represents and the app it underscores.

Generally, while assigning the extension names, domain.company.application is the format to be followed, in which domain highlights the web host the application package has been designed with and is typically org or com.

Next is the middle part, the company, which underscores the specific corporation that created the product or the application, and a good example is a com sec android daemon app, meaning Samsung electronics corporation daemon. The last part, application, represents the actual package the domain and the industry are working on.

Was the org.codeaurora.snapcam app developed based on the set rule?

Although most companies follow domain.company.application as the format when assigning applications their package names, it is not a matter of life and death; hence not every company strictly follows it.

This explains why org.codeaurora.snapcam confuses many since while org is the domain. Codeaurora does not denote any company or application developer.

Nonetheless, developers have the freedom to digress from the so-called rule of thumb. They are not entitled to follow it, which is why we would never question their stand.

How to fix org codeaurora snapcam android app?

If you wish to have org codeaurora snapcam on your Android phone, you need to download it from Play Store. Once installed on your device, you will see it in the activity log every time you use it.

Still, some operating systems use the same extension for Snapchat, and so without downloading the non-Google camera. You still will see the package name org code aurora in your activity log.

Furthermore, you can disable (fix) the package name if you feel that you no longer need it.

How can you do this?

The process is as simple as the installation, and all you need to do is go to Settings, then Applications. Select org.codeaurora.snapcam and disable it or uninstall it.

The latter clears the app and its data. Since it is a third-party app, you can always download it from Play Store and install it again to enjoy exploring Google photography capabilities.


Org codeaurora snapcam is a port mod in non-Google devices that supports Google photography skills in the stated device. Because Google devices already have two cameras. The port mod was designed to support auxiliary cameras for ultra-wide-angle and telephoto options.

It does not require any rooting or configurations for it to operate. Moreover, the port mod can be installed and uninstalled as someone wishes. It does not harm your device but helps you explore Google photography skills on a non-Google device.

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