What is Com Android Smspush App and How To Remove It?

While using your android device, you might have encountered the com.android.smspush has stopped the error message on your phone. Like many others, you might be left wondering what SMS push means and how to fix the problem.

Because many aspects of Android phones are linked to malicious programs such as omacp. You might even be worried that com android smspush is a virus.

This article clears the air by explaining the meaning of android smspush. Whether it is a virus, and how to remove it. Stay tuned for these technological gems through a less than five-minute reading session.

What is com.android.smspush app?

Com.android.smspush android app is the framework that makes it possible to send and receive SMS that handles and controls devices.

Interestingly, it uses a similar address for sending and receiving SMS on your android phone. Even when other applications are involved.

Technically, this means that the framework can control any app and alert or send it an alarm about an incoming message. This explains why it has control over any other app on android devices.

Com Android Smspush

Definition of Android SMSPush

When sending text messages to another smartphone. The receiving Android phone has to be notified, and it is this very process that’s called SMSpush.

Typically, it should happen through IP protocols. But many users do not remember their IP codes and will not initiate the process. That’s when the SMS push comes in handy to notify the Android phone on the receiving end that a session of SMS sending has just begun, although it is literally a matter of seconds, if not microseconds.

What are the features of com android SMS push?

Like third-party applications including com android vending or android server telecom, com android SMS push has its unique features. The first thing is its memory size, which is only 0.01 MB, which does not consume large memory space.

What’s also notable about com.android.smspush is that most of the time, it is downloaded through external links; hence it may not need updates from time to time.

For SMS push android apps to run on a device, the phone must meet the minimum requirement of Android 10 (API29) because the framework’s version is Android 10.

Is sms push an Android app?

Looking at com android smspush, you notice that it takes the format of a package name, i.e., com as the domain, android for the developer, and SMS push for the ‘app’ name.

However, you might be surprised that despite the format, com android SMS push is not an android app but a framework service that facilitates sending alerts to another device about incoming SMS.

Like other apps with a unique package name such as com lge livemessage, com.android.smspush app can experience updates, courtesy of its unique package name.

Is com android smspush virus?

In the technological advent in which we live, we enjoy various advances. But not without constantly being worried about deliberately sharing our personal info with cyber criminals or third parties by merely using specific apps or frameworks.

The worry has extended widely, and many people believe that com android smspush is actually a virus. However, you might be relieved to know that none of this is true and that the framework is not a malicious Android app.

Despite it being able to access and control many applications on an android phone, Play Protect policies ensure that it does not compromise data integrity.

Still, it would be best if you kept your connections private and safe to avoid creating a leeway for data corruption.

Can i delete com.android.smspush?

If you were using the com android smspush app and accidentally deleted it, you might get worried about salvaging the situation.

There is good news, though. Although you cannot reverse the process, you can start afresh by visiting Play Store, typing the unique package name, and after completing the download and the installation process, you should be able to enjoy SMS push functionalities.

How to remove com android smspush?

Since com android smspush is not a prerequisite for your phone to run. You can delete it when you wish to. However, you first need to root your device for safety, and without rooting. It is practically impossible to complete the SMS push android app removal.

After successful root access, use ADB Debugging or android app removal to eliminate com.android.smspush permanently.

Final Words

Com.android.smspush is a framework that facilitates sending alerts to devices that an SMS is en route. Courtesy of the framework, users no longer have to initiate the process using IP codes.

It is not a virus, and despite the multiple capabilities, it will not harm your Android phone. If you feel like removing it, you can safely do so, but you have to first root the device.

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