What is Scpm Client on Android And How To Fix It?

We are here to discuss what is the scpm client app on android and how to fix it when keeps stopping and not responding. Every computing system requires a project and mobile service manager to oversee and coordinate the activities of the tools and resources it brings on board.

The Samsung Android is no exception. It also has such a system in place. And as expected, this system too may often sustain damages and malfunctions.

If and when that happens, the problems have to be fixed. Here come the three fundamental questions: What is scpm client on Android? What are some of the problems it may suffer? How to fix scpm client keeps stopping? We have drafted and are going to dedicate the entire article to answer these questions.

Table of Contents

  1. What is the meaning of Scpm Client?
  2. How To Fix The Scpm Client?
    2.1. Wipe the partition of the cache
    2.2. Look out for the firmware update of the device
    2.3. Uninstall the Android System WebView
    2.4. Reset the app preferences
    2.5. Restart your device
    2.6. Revert your device to the factory settings

What Is The Meaning of Scpm Client?

The term “SCPM” stands for ‘Smart Certified Project Manager.’ It exists primarily to oversee the administration of power. As such, it is also called a smart manager. The resource comes in the form of a built-in app such as the MCM client app. It really acts to save power while also aiding the full optimization of daily usage.

How To Fix The Scpm Client Keeps Stopping?

From time to time, this app may sustain damages that may compromise its proper functioning. The damages may arise from viruses, malware, erroneous codes, and obsolescence.

If any of these happen, the phone may end up using too much power or even overheating. This calls for you now to know how to fix the common errors including Scpm client keeps stopping.

In this section of our discussions, we suggest the main ways and means for fixing these issues:

1. Wipe the partition of the cache

By wiping the cache, you clear the temporary and residual files. Also, the device shall commence running smoothly while any other malfunctioning app also gets rejuvenated. The steps below aid in wiping the partition of the cache:

  • Turn your device off
  • Press and hold the ‘Volume Down’ + ‘Volume Up + Power Button at the same time
  • The ‘Recovery Mode’ menu pops up
  • Navigate the menu using the ‘Volume Button’
  • Use the ‘Power Button’ to choose the ‘Wipe Cache Partition
  • Restart your device
What is scpm client

2. Look out for the firmware update of the device

Just if scpm client on android keeps stopping unexpectedly in the course of operating, you may contemplate checking out the firmware of the device. It could be that the one you are using is obsolete and in need of updates. You hence have to check out whether indeed this is the case or not.

How you go about this largely depends on the Android OS you have. Generally, though, you might have to simply pay a visit to the ‘Play Store’ and check out whether the latest version of the software is in existence or not. To do that, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • Search for ‘Software Update’
  • Find out whether the latest version of the software is available or not
  • If one exists, download and install it
  • Restart your device thereafter
  • This shall hopefully remedy the problem
scpm client

3. Uninstall the Android System WebView

Sometimes it could be that the Android System WebView has some issues here and there that may compromise the proper functioning of the scpm client on android.

If that is the case, you may have to uninstall and then re-install it afresh. To do this, follow the steps stipulated hereunder:

scpm client on android
  • Tap on it and check ‘uninstall or disable’ to get rid of it from the app
  • As soon as you are done, proceed to the ‘Device Settings’
  • Go to ‘Apps’
  • Then click the ellipsis icon (this comes in the form of three dots that are located right at the top right side)
  • Click ‘Show system apps
  • Search and open the SCPM client app
  • Hit ‘Storage’
  • Click ‘Clear cache’
  • Just if this does not solve the problem, you may have to clear the data app rather than the cache alone
Clean data to fix the app error

4. Reset the app preferences

Resetting the app preferences may help you to prioritize the scpm client android app. Adopting this approach gives the client leverage over and above the competing apps.

That way, it gets to operate more effectively while also preventing the common issues that arise. Follow the steps here below to actualize this exercise:

  • Go to settings
  • Click ‘Apps’
  • Hit the ellipsis icon (you will see some three dots on the top right side of the screen)
  • Hit the Reset app preferences
  • Click ‘OK’
Reset app preferences

5. Restart your device

Restarting your android phone may come in handy to fix the scpm client keeps stopping or not responding after all the above steps have failed. It simply gives your device a fresh breath of life.

The process also has the added advantage of being faster and easier to undertake. To restart your device, follow the steps and the procedures below:

  • Press and hold the ‘power button’
  • Hit the “Restart” option (it appears green in color)
  • Hit is again (depending on the precise make of the Android device you have)
  • The device shall restart in a matter of minutes
  • Hopefully, this shall fix the problem permanently

6. Revert your device to the factory settings

When all the options failed to fix scpm client on android, you may now wish to revert your device to the factory settings. This is a subtle way of saying formatting the data of your device.

Formatting shall clear all the data in your phone’s memory. You hence have to back them up before commencing the exercise.

Follow the processes stipulated below after that:

  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • Click ‘General management’
  • Hit the ‘Reset option’
  • Click the ‘Factory data reset’
  • Hit the ‘Reset button’
  • Enter the screen lock (in case any exists)
factory reset to fix scpm client


There is a strong possibility that you may do the above but still not solve the problem. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, you may have to flash your android phone. The Samsung Android does provide the Odin flashing device which you may use for this job if yours is a Samsung phone.

In case yours is not a Samsung android phone, you may think of downloading a relevant flashing tool from the App Store and using it to do the job. Some of the dangers is that the processes of fixing the scpm client file error may be irreversible. We hence ask you to tread cautiously lest you pose permanent damages to your device.

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