What Is MCM Client App On Android And How To Uninstall It?

Are you a Samsung or Sprint devices owner? If the answer is yes, the probability that your android phone has the mcm client app is pretty high. The mobile content management client app is one of the MDM devices and your phone, laptop, or tablet depends on it for secure data access.

Many people don’t understand this mobile content management client app and have a lot of questions about it. In fact, some people claim that the mcm Android app is some form of spyware or malware installed on your device. In view of this, the article discusses what an mcm client is, and also touches on how to uninstall it from your phone.

What Is MCM Client App On Your Phone?


First things, you need to understand what the mobile content management app is before getting to understand other details about it. Simply put, the mcm client app is a new system provision that comes as a preinstalled app in most android phones, especially Samsung and Sprint to provide data security and safe access to data files.

Because personal devices have become the target of cyber thieves who steal personal information, manipulate them, and even use them for malicious intents, android producers created this mobile content management app to guarantee security as you use your device and access media files.

The mcm client app strikes a balance between productivity and data security. Two critical aspects of business in the modern-day technological world.

How Does The MCM Client App Work?

The mobile content management (mcm) or mim (mobile information management) client is one of the many provisions under mobile device management (MDM).


As mentioned previously, the mcm client’s sole purpose is to ensure data security. As a user goes about accessing data and information on an android device.

Concerning how it works, the mobile content management app has code, protocol, and configuration provisions through which it recognizes an authorized user and grants him access.

The mcm client can also tell that a particular user lacks data authentication rights to the device and executes action to deny access.

From time to time, an organization will need to download media files and data from the mcm server, and this is where the mcm client comes in handy. As you download data, the mcm app applies its configuration to ensure safe access.

Besides, using its protocol and configurations, the mcm client app backs off any spyware and ensures that no third party or unauthorized person eavesdrops on the data.

In addition, using the same protocols. The mcm app stops any ransomware from gaining access to and spreading in the data. Also, it uses encryption provisions to frustrate hackers that would risk data integrity.

Furthermore, the mcm client on your android phone acts as a go-between the android phone and allows a user to download data without viewing and downloading third-party apps.

Downloading third-party apps, especially those suggested while fetching corporate data often corrupts data when they sieve in spyware.

When you have your device’s mcm client app working and updated, you will download corporate data without downloading third-party apps, ultimately keeping your data safe and corruption-free.

Is The MCM Client Safe or A Spy App?

With data corruption becoming a common occurrence and millions being victims of the mcm client and OMACP app. With some being wrongfully incriminated, you can really be worried about the mobile content management app, especially because it can access your data.

In fact, you may even question if the mcm client is really safe on your phone, or if it’s some form of malware. The answer is yes, mobile content management is a safe app like scpm client and it is quite unlikely that it is malware.

mobile content management

Apart from the fact that it is protected by PlayProtect, the app’s mode of operation also guarantees security. It is noteworthy that while sharing data, the mcm client does it remotely and uses the device’s cloud dashboard. In so doing, the mobile content management client app does not have to infiltrate your device’s firewalls.

Moreover, the mcm app on Android phones allows you to download corporate data without viewing and accessing third-party apps. As mentioned previously, third-party apps and their downloading process is one major source of data corruption and malware.

However, by gaining user access to corporate data without fetching the apps. You can rest assured of your device’s and data security.

What Are The Features of Mobile Content Management App?

Like any other system app, the mcm client has the core features that make it deliver and optimize its function to your android phone. They include;

  1. Document segregation: With the mcm client app, a user can name and classify his documents accordingly. A process that allows easy access and saves time.
  2. Centralized content update: Another benefit you enjoy courtesy of the mobile content management client app is the centralized content update. Whereby you can use admin credentials to update documents and media files by simply uploading them to the newest MDM version.
  3. Multiple file format support: The mcm client is one of the fewest apps and provisions that not only allow multiple file formats. But also enables data access and sharing across platforms. Whether you have data in .pdf, .txt, .pptx, .jpg, .png, or .mp4, the mcm app will support them.
  4. Encryption configurations: The mobile content management client app utilizes data encryption and decryption provisions to prevent unauthorized data access.

MCM Client android app allow only people with decryption credentials to access data.

What Are The Advantage Of Using The MCM Client App?

You might be thinking of uninstalling the mcm client app from your phone. It may take just a little knowledge to stop you from executing the action. It’s nothing but the pros of the mobile content management client app, which include;

  1. The ability to make unlimited international calls: Mcm client allows corporate employees to make as many calls as they want without levying heavy tariffs.
  2. Access to unlimited data storage: Mcm client app’s cloud storage is unlimited. Meaning a company can store as much corporate data as possible.
  3. On-demand video: streaming: Subscribing to the mobile content management client app allows a user to stream on demand-videos anytime.
  4. Ability to watch TV and stream live: Many users are grateful for this provision which saves them their monthly TV bills.
  5. Unlimited text message services: If you subscribe with Sprint, you can have access to unlimited SMS services regionally and globally.

What Are The Disadvantages of Using The Mobile Content Management?

Like a coin with two sides, the mcm client also has its disadvantages besides the advantages mentioned above. For instance,

  • The mcm app may run on its own, consuming batter, memory, and storage such as applinker. Still, this is rare.
  • Having the app means several other apps depend on it and deleting some of these is an almost impossible job.
  • The mobile content management client app may fetch hard-to-uninstall bloatware into your device, which is quite annoying.

How To Remove The MCM Client App on Your Android?

Although it is not recommended that you remove the mcm client app because your android phone needs it. Still, you may think of uninstallation as the best route to go. Therefore, if you want to stop the mobile content management client app and uninstall it completely, proceed as follows;

Uninstalling the app
  • Tap on the main menu and access Settings.
  • On the Settings menu, select Security.
  • The Security launches a sub-menu.
  • Select Device Administrator.
  • Select the mcm client app and click the Disable option to remove the app from the list.
  • Go to Settings and select Applications.
  • Select the ‘ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus,’ click ‘Uninstall,’ and the mcm app will be gone.


Mcm client is a mobile device management device in the form of preinstalled system app in most android phones, especially those by Sprint and Samsung providers. Its sole purpose is to provide data security while accessing media files and corporate data from the mcm server. Although many think of it as malware, the mobile content management client app is safe and protects your device from malware. If you need to uninstall it, find the procedure from the write-up.

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