What Is Uicc Unlock And How To Fix Error 407?

UICC unlock on Android is a significant term you might have encountered if you interacted with a smartphone or laptop more often. Unlike laptops, smartphone users might have encountered it even more. However, some people don’t understand the meaning or the purpose of uicc unlock.

UICC is an important part of the device which allows you to connect with other people easily, either on your phone or laptop.

Everything you need to know About Uicc Unlock on an Android phone!

UICC unlock is an important part of your Android phone because it ensures the security and integrity of all kinds of confidential data. It has the ability capacity to hold hundreds of kilobytes. So, let us find out what is UICC unlock, and how to fix error 407.

What is a UICC on your device?

UICC is the abbreviation of “Universal Integrated Circuit Card.” In most cases, it is recognized as a sim card. However, unlike the normal sim card, UICC unlock is highly appreciated because it is used in several mobile terminals.

The basic handset or mobile terminals used include UMTS and GSM networks. Suppose you wish to maintain your data privacy, UICC is the best option. It is integrated with creativity and security systems that sort out data and secure it.

Also, it can secure all kinds of data, including for personal and professional use. According to cyber security experts, Uicc unlock holds several hundreds of kilobytes. Besides, it also works alongside two major network terminals.

The first terminal is the GSM network, where the SIM card application is UICC and the second one is UTMC, which entails the USIM application. Since UICC and Sim Cards are used interchangeably because of playing similar roles, let’s find out their differences.

uicc unlock meaning

What Is UICC Unlock?

UICC unlock is a modern Sim Card developed for the new generation, which is more efficient and effective. So, if you have been a Sim Card user, you understand it is locked or can be blocked.

The same happens to a Sim Card. So, what happens if such a case happens for your UICC? Although it sounds a bit tricky for UICC since it is more developed, it is simple.

There are two ways of unlocking your UICC, domestically and internationally. Unlocking your UICC gives you access to the SIM slot of your phone and enables you to insert various SIM card carriers. However, you have to understand that unlocking your device does not give you access to all carrier networks connected to your device.

The UICC is a new technology development of SIM found to function in various cells or devices, allowing them access to high-speed internet. The device sprinter automatically unlocks your device when the network is ready in most cases.

However, the phone or device might not unlock automatically in some cases. In such cases, the user is required to request the sprint to unlock the device or phone manually. After pairing to other devices, suppose the voice service and SIM cards are working, then you are good to go; your device is unlocked to domestic use of UICC.

What is the difference between Sim Card and UICC Unlock?

The acronym of the two is the first thing that can help you identify the difference between the two. Sim card refers to “ Subscriber Identification Module”  while UICC unlock stands for “Universal Integrated Circuit Card.”

UICC is the current word for Sim Card. Developers saw the need for a Sim Cards in various devices besides the phone, such as desktops and laptops.

They decided to develop a Sim Card for UICC unlock and gave it accommodating features that could make it suitable for laptops and desktops, yet it could be used as Sim Card.

UICC unlock is suitable and is used for high-speed wireless 3G or 4G networks to offer the best outcome and network sufficiency.

Unlike a Sim Card, which is only used locally, UICC has universal inscriptions that allow you to enjoy its services, such as access to 3G and 4G wherever you go or at your convenience.

It helps you store connection and amplifies security, undeviating voice, and data connection, accommodating new application services, different services, and global; roaming on your device. UICC users can successfully transfer files from the phone book or any preferences from their phone to another.

uicc unlock vs sim card

How to fix Uicc Unlock error 407 on an android phone?

Everyone desires their phones to work effectively. Various Android users have been experiencing malfunctioning that needs your device to be updated. Uicc unlocks Error 407, 6600, and 6011 are likely to result in a malfunctioning notification after a few minutes, which can be disturbing or frustrating.

There are various ways you can fix this Uicc unlock error in a few minutes. There are four main ways of doing away with the error;

  • Wiping your Android Cache Partition
  • Force stop OMADM
  • Replace with ATT Sim Card
  • Pop Sim out and insert afresh

Wiping your Android Cache Partition

Every Android device saves data temporarily, which is located in your phone memory to help speed operations and open applications. Although these files are significant, they might result in malware or an unprotected cache, causing error 407.

To confirm that you have completely done away with this error, wipe each data available on your Android phone by doing a factory reset.

Force Stop OMADM

This is the second most effective way of addressing Error 407. However, it might not be permanent. Simply go to settings, select apps, and reach OMA-DM (Open Mobile Alliance Device Management) using three dots that show up on apps. Lastly, select force stop.

Replace With ATT Sim Card

Various Android users who have been experiencing error 407 have reported that using the ATT card has helped them address the issue. However, it is only effective if you are not using the main carrier.

Note: using ATT Sim Card will enhance changes in the mobile setting, helping you avoid error 407 and fix the mobile network keeps disconnecting.

Pop Sim Out and Insert afresh

Suppose the above methods have not been helpful, then you can try this last option to fix the error 407 and other problems such as the Invalid sim card issue;

  • Switch off your device
  • Open the SIM card slot.
  • Remove it carefully and wait for about 60 seconds before inserting it again.
  • Switch on your device, and it will be good to go.

Exceptional Cases of Sim Unlocking

In some cases, your device might still deny you access. Therefore, your device cannot be enabled using another carrier since the term “locked” will appear. Suppose the phone is enabled from the sprinter network; users can easily activate their devices with the aid of a different carrier.

Unlock SIM

In most cases, it occurs to devices manufactured beyond 2015, and gaining access is much easier once you are familiar with unlocking it. These SIM cards are unique in that they require to be unlocked for further usage, especially on different carrier networks. Therefore, putting in mind it’s a SIM, unlock is capable.

MSL Unlock

In most cases, it also happens to devices manufactured before 2015 and have disabling software or locking codes. Therefore, most of the devices are “locked.” It is also referred to as MSL, a master of subsidy lock.

Your device can be made accessible to MSL code, but for only eligible customers depending on the terms and conditions. However, if you still find it technical, you can contact customer service requesting SIM unlock.

This is common in postpaid clients. However, it’s not a guarantee for anything since there are some rare cases where your device might not still work. In such cases, then you need to seek technical help.  


UICC is a current technology that has made the world of using a SIM card better and easier at your convenience. Unlike the normal SIM card, it allows you to enjoy global services and a swift internet connection from 3G to 4G. In addition, you can also use it on various devices, including laptops and desktops. Suppose UICC has been locked, then there is no need to worry since it is just an advanced SIM card, meaning it can be unlocked easily as done for SIM.

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