What Is com.android.gallery3d And How To Fix It?

Many pre-installed apps, including com.android.gallery3d, which helps you access, view, and edit photos, videos, and media files on your Android phones. Despite the com android gallery3d being a great app, some people view it as a malicious program or bloatware such as omacp, and you may be interested in fully understanding what is com android gallery3d, it’s safe or not, and more info.

This article helps you fix the common issues that arise while using the gallery app. How to troubleshoot them and fix the com.android.gallery3d app.

What Is Com.android.gallery3d App?

Com.android.gallery3d is the package name with which the pe-installed gallery app is identified. Every application has a package extension, which is different from the other.

Com.android.gallery3d App

Having a unique package name makes it for the system to identify the app and run its files. Com android gallery3d is the gallery app that allows a user to access, view, and modify or edit pictures, videos, and the device’s media files.

The gallery3d is essential, and many people admit that it offers more than enough since it allows one to perform multiple editing tasks. However, if you feel like having another gallery app. You can download it from Play Store, although the pre-installed one offers a better experience.

Does Com Android Gallery3d Spy Into My Phone?

With massive steps in the technological world, many digital dangers have arisen, including programs that spy on people’s personal information and send it to a third party. Such is known as spyware and renders a system unsafe.

Consequently, you might be worried that the pre-installed gallery app is spyware and might facilitate the illegal use of your personal data. Thankfully, com android gallery3d is protected by android such as secvideoengineservice, making it a safe app.

Therefore, as you view photos, watch videos, and edit them. You can rest assured that no one is eavesdropping on your personal information to use for any malicious intentions.

Is Com.android.gallery3d A Bloatware?

The other concern with most pre-installed apps such as scpm client in android is the applications being rendered as bloatware, programs that consume your device’s resources, despite being unnecessary.

Many people have claimed that the pre-installed gallery app is bloatware. Thankfully, Google confirms that the app is not bloatware. In fact, it does not unnecessarily use your resources like memory and space.

The storage space and the RAM com.android.gallery3d occupies in your device is necessary since the app allows you to manage your media files. In fact, even if you install another third-party gallery app, the pre-installed one will keep running.

If you want to confirm that the app is indeed working on your device whether you launch it or not, check the Activity log, and you will notice it among the running apps.

Why Gallery3d Run In The Background?

From time to time, you might check your Activity log and notice that com.android.gallery3d is among the running apps. This may surprise you, especially if you have not accessed the app the entire day.

The reason behind this is because the pre-installed gallery app, like many other applications, runs in the background regardless of whether or not you open them.

Consequently, you will see the app among other system apps every time you check your Activity log. This has a few implications, including battery consumption, since the app uses power to run in the background.

Android.gallery3d Cache Makes The App’s Experience Better

For every app, you operate in your device, cache, or small files. Collect and make the subsequent experience better than the first. Likewise, com.android.gallery3d app has cache, which makes your experience while using the app great.

Every time you launch the app and open a folder, small files collect and heighten your experience the next time. Thus, using the pre-installed gallery apps becomes more wonderful, courtesy of the small collected files.

Although the latest devices are enhanced and designed to operate with high speed, cache files are still important and make a difference, even when using the gallery app.

Challenges of Having Com Android Gallery3d In Your Device

Like any other app including com.android.gallery3d, diagmonagent, cqatest app presents its unique challenges while using it, with the main issue being storage space and memory.

If you are keen enough and check the storage details of a new device. You will notice that part of it is taken by the pre-installed apps. However, the pre-installed gallery app is one app and does not comprise your device’s functionality on its own, although it might have a cumulative effect alongside other apps.

With time, the device might start slowing down and eventually shut down when all the storage space and memory are used up. The other issue is battery consumption.

As the app runs in the background, it utilizes power, draining the battery fast. ‘Unfortunately, has stopped‘ message is another challenge, and it’s covered in the next section.

Can I Remove com.andoid.gallery3d From Your Phone?

Even though many people prefer pre-installed apps as opposed to custom ones that have to be downloaded. But the others prefer the latter and would do everything to remove the default ones and download the customized applications.

Admittedly, pre-installed apps are supposedly the best, although they have their own challenges. Even the com.android.gallery3d app has challenges discussed in the next section.

For these reasons, you might find the pre-installed gallery app inefficient, and you might want to permanently remove it.

Uninstalling the app is possible, only that it is a bit of a process. The first option is the system app remover option, which requires you to use the system app remover tool.

The other alternative involves USB debugging and requires the user to connect the device to a PC. Either of the process requires root access and permanently deletes the app, and clears the data.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to re-install pre-installed system apps like com.android.gallery3d. The only option you are left with is to download custom gallery apps, although you are not guaranteed better experiences with any of them.

How To Fix Com.android.gallery3d Has Stopped Message?

Many android users have reported seeing an ‘Unfortunately gallery has stopped’ error message while using the app. This is a small challenge that you can troubleshoot in several ways, including;

Re-start your device

You can fix the com.android.gallery3d error message by restarting your device by long-pressing the power button and selecting the restart option from the menu that appears.

Clear media storage and gallery app cache

The second method of fixing the android gallery3d is by clearing the media storage and gallery app cache.

  1. Go to Settings on the main menu.
  2. Then apps. On the three vertical dots.
  3. Select system apps, then media storage files.
  4. Confirm the action by selecting clear cache.
  5. Repeat the process for the gallery app.

Check the SD storage

Sometimes, if your SD storage gets filled app, the gallery error message appears. You can fix it by checking the SD and clearing large files.

Remove the SD card

You could also try removing the SD card and accessing the gallery app to see what happens, Then get it back. If you keep receiving the error message with the card. you might have to consider formatting the card or permanently removing it.


Com.android.gallery3d is the pre-installed gallery app on android devices that allows users to access, view and edit photos, videos, and other media files. From time to time, you might receive the ‘Unfortunately gallery has stopped’ error message. You can solve the com android gallery3d issue by restarting your phone, clearing storage media and gallery app cache, or checking the SD storage.

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