What Is It? And How To Fix It?

Android devices come with many apps such as ChocoEukor, and cidmanager, especially Samsung users, who might be familiar with the

The building blocks or basic actions of any device comprise output and input, and the latter is taken care of by the com Samsung inputeventapp.

Still, you may wonder what the input event app is and how to fix it? Keep reading this write-up as it addresses each of these questions.

What Is app?

The app can be described as a preinstalled system program that takes hold of input events and subjects them to internal processing to generate output events.

There are many forms of input events, but the inputeventapp specifically applies touch to detect input events from the device’s touchscreen. Other input events include motion or fingerprint for touch sensors or face recognition for cameras.

Once the input event app takes up input data, the device’s internal processor translates them to output in texts or sound.

com samsung input event app

Some Examples Of Input Events For The Com Samsung Inputeventapp

The app utilizes several mini-programs to encode input events from the screen upon touch. Here are a few examples of such;

  1. Onclick(): this mini-program responds to a simple on-screen touch or when the user presses the enter key.
  2. Onlongclick(): this is the mini-program executed upon long-pressing the screen.
  3. Onkey(): the onkey mini-program becomes useful when the user presses any button on smartphones with buttons and keys.
  4. Onfocuschanges(): this mini-program is activated when the user’s fingers focus away from the screen.
  5. Ontouch(): to activate this mini-program, it only takes you to touch the screen in any manner.

What Is The Typical Size Of Com Samsung Input event app?

There are many versions of the Android app, with the latest one being the 1.0.0 model. It is not such a large app and unlike other apps that consume several megabytes, the Samsung input event app is only 0.33 MB large. Yet, it has 63 files and several mini-codes it needs to function.

Is Safe?

Although we enjoy and benefit from various provisions courtesy of technological advancements, people are increasingly worried about data corruption since even apps harbor viruses.

Therefore, among the many questions about the com samsung inputevent Android app is concerned whether the app is a virus such as OMACP. The answer to this question is no. However, the app’s code provides room for data corruption, especially through unauthorized inputs.

Thus, from time to time, the phone may heat abnormally, consume cellular data extraordinarily fast, and keep restarting automatically, all signs which show the presence of virus(es) in the device.

How To Fix Has Stopped Working?

The com samsung inputeventapp Android app may allow unauthorized input events from the touchscreen and contribute to data corruption. However, there are many ways of troubleshooting system application issues, including IMS service has stopped. Also, the methods below will fix the input event app problem.

1. Factory reset the device

This is the ultimate solution to fix the Doing a rigorous web search will reveal the same results; factory reset the device.

Although there is every advantage to this, you must know that you will lose all your saved data since the phone is being washed like a brand new one.

Therefore, back up whatever you can using an SD or memory card or upload the data to cloud storage. When set:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Backup & Reset or RESET.
  • Click on Factory Data reset, and all the data and viruses will be erased.

2. Delete some apps

Upon checking web results on fixing, you will see the deletion of some apps as the second option.

You might delete Metro PCS Easy Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Share, setup.mail.metro, or the device manager. However, this will likely make the phone permanently lose its memory, hence it’s definitely a good idea.

3. Reset Calendar settings

The Calendar app easily picks up viruses and as part of fixing the com Samsung Inputeventapp, you can go to Play Store and ensure that it is updated to the latest version.

If the com samsung input event app keeps crashing after this, reset Calendar settings, which, although is harmless to the Android, may make you lose data.

4. Clear cache and data for the Calendar app

If the options above don’t work to fix the input event app, you will have to clear the Calendar cache and data.

  • Go to Settings, and select Apps & Notifications.
  • Click the three vertical lines and locate the Calendar.
  • Tap on it. After that, clear cache and data one by one.

Conclusion is an android system preinstalled app that gets hold of input events from the touchscreen and feeds them into the system for processing. In conclusion, the input event app is not a virus, it can pick viruses through the input events. To fix the app’s issues and viruses, follow the procedures shared in the article above.

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