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Samsung is one of the big shorts in the android and tech world. Their latest mobile phone comes with advanced built-in features that often run in the background such as or CQATest app.

In December 2018, the company introduced OneUI to its smartphone models, the overlaying skin on these android devices. The OneUI gave Samsung smartphone some extra features, which included, which means every time you call someone, you could see incallui.

Many people wonder what is and whether you can uninstall it. This article focus on explaining what mean, how to use it, and more information on its use on your daily phone usage. You will see how this phone application is in our daily life and how it can help you know when someone is spying on your device.

What Is

The that appears on your screen when calling someone with your android phone. It provides the interface between the machine and the com samsung android dialer.

Helping the machine to recognize the number you are dialing to display it on the screen. It also bridges your sim information and the mobile phone. In short, it is a call screen with several options, including hanging up the call, holding a call, muting the call, and adding another call.

These options are displayed in what we call in-call-interface or an incall. To see the interface, you will need to open the allowing you to make calls or receive them.

The provides a call screen that helps you see the caller ID with several receiving, hanging up, or muting options. When making a call, your phone will use services to provide you with the option of disconnecting the call, muting the call, putting the call on hold, or recording the call.

Adding another person to the conference call, and will also disable the screen when you place the phone on your ear so that the skin or ear does not activate any other function. can also help put a call on silent, using the home button to access other functions, use the in-built notes to save a number when making a call, and simultaneously send a message while making a call or receiving one.

Meaning of InCallUI in Android Samsung Phones?

Incallui is an android app that helps you receive a call and identify who is calling through the visual screen. It also helps you make a call and display various smart options to make your life simple and easier. For example, it allows you to alter the volume levels, access the note pad from the user interface, and record or mute the call.

Incallui also enables you to continue with the call without fearing that you will open other apps when the touch screen touches your face. All smartphones and tablets have similar incallui software with nearly the same function: to help with on-screen function whenever you make a call.

Some phones have advanced with more elaborate features than others. IncallUI displays information about the caller’s name if it is stored in the phone book or sometimes integrates with some apps like True caller to give the caller’s name that is not in the contact list.

IncallUI is so valuable that without it, your smartphone may lack several important features such as turning the volume up or down, recording the call, muting, holding, or cutting a call. This interface allows you to utilize call features depending on your interest.

Another use is its ability to disable the screen when you receive a call. It would be challenging if the screen were active when you received or made a call since your ear or skin would prompt functions you did not want to initiate.

The incallUI locks the screen when talking, which then unlocks or turns active when you are done talking. IncallUI also gives you the option of saving a number or taking a note on a number you did not have in the phone book.

You can carry on these functions without canceling the call first, making smartphones adorable and fun to use. It is said that incallUI makes smartphones be called smart by offering functions not available on other phones.

Also, if someone stole your phone, the police can easily track your lost android phone using an IMEI number online. If the is not available or removed from your device, it will be hard to find a lost phone.

How To Access ?

  1. In your Samsung phone, go to Settings
  2. Then Apps
  3. Click on All and go to the phone
  4. Now access Messaging center, contacts, Google account Sync, contact storage, then or Incallui.

How To Stop incallUI?

Your device does not come with the option for removing incallui; however, you can partially stop it. Completely stopping is technically impossible since the interface will still run in the background.

Waiting to be activated whenever you make or receive a call. To temporarily disable, follow the following steps:

  • Open the app drawer and go to Settings, then click on apps
  • Then click on all applications or app info.
  • Now look for in the list
  • Please tap on the three dots and then select Show system apps and click on it
  • Open each option and clear the store on each of them
  • After the incallui has been off, the following things will display on your screen
  • Disconnect the call, record the call, but the call on hold, mute the call, and add the call. It’s Safe To Uninstall It?

The simple answer is no; it is not possible to uninstall service since it is in-built and if you were to remove it, then the dial screen won’t display, rendering your Android phone incapable of making any calls. is the only thing that allows you to operate the call system,. Also, the hackers do not use it to spy on your phone. Other apps that are also running in the background to help you with making calls include the, which aids in making voice over the internet protocol.

How To Fix Not Working?

Sometimes the caller ID shows an error and refuses to work. If you experience Samsung android incallui not working, follow the procedure below to fix it:

  • Go to Settings in your device and tap it
  • Then click on apps
  • Search for incallui and tap on it to display
  • Scroll to clear cache and tap on it
clear cache to fix
  • In case the problem persists, you can force stop or force restart the device to correct the issue.
Force reset to stop Samsung android incallui

Wrapping up

Samsung has amazing calling features, just like most android phones and tablets. We have thus far discussed what is and how it works. This article has also established what incallui is and its usefulness in making a call. There is something in the android smartphone that we take for granted and do not think deeply. One such thing is the incallui with its magical functions.

Whenever we make or receive a call, add another person to a conference call, mute or hold a phone call, and record the conversation, the incallui is doing its job. This article has also shown how to correct has stopped working to continue enjoying the services. Remember that is an important facility that you should not uninstall it.

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