What is Com.sec.bcservice And How To Resolve It

Com.sec.bcservice is widely used in the android industry. You can find this com sec bc service App running in most android operating systems. Com is the word that uses the prefix found at the beginning of android apps. Sec. on the other hand is the abbreviation of Samsung electronic products. service is an installed package on an android device and the size is about 42.40 Mb.

It is version two of the device and performs important roles in the functioning of the phone, especially the calling process. Because of the important roles it performs, you can see it running such as com.sec.epdg on the permissions of the phone.

What Is Com.sec.bcservice on Android?

This system is always running in the background. Whenever you switch your phone on, the system will begin to run. Com.sec.bcservice means that it can be running without you knowing it is functioning. It must run because if it does not run, it could spell doom for the android smartphone.

You can still check whether com sec bcservice is running. To check if it is running in the background, you can simply check it out by trying the methods described below. It is not harmful to the smooth operations of the system. However, if you want to delete or remove it, you can.

To check whether this com.sec.bcservice app is running in the background, it is easy to do so, and all that you have to do is to go:

  • Setting feature
  • Locate the apps section.
  • Click on the system app, and here you would see all the running apps on the system.

These are the apps that are running in the background. One of the running apps would be the com sec bc service or scpm client.

How to Control the BC Service App Operations?

If you want to control the operations you can do that. You can also stop the apps from running by clicking the stop option. Here you can stop the app from running by force.

If you stop it from running, it will be counterproductive because it could disrupt the system. This Com.sec.bcservice app is not like other third-party apps which are not preinstalled. When you are dealing with this kind of app, you must be careful.


This is one of the preinstalled apps such as com sec android app popupcalculator. When you purchase the phone, it comes along with it.

com sec bcservice is also one of those located within the system apps and you can read them and observe their operations, but you cannot edit them. There is hardly anything you can do to interfere with the operation to make it better because you cannot edit the app.

It is recommended that you leave them as they are because they are there to perform unique functions. You can delete them when it becomes necessary but you must follow the correct procedure. Instead of deleting it, you can fix whatever is the problem associated with com sec bc service.

Deleting it means that it would no longer perform its duties, and this could make the cell phone irrelevant. All the preinstalled apps including com sec android daemonapp are good for the smooth operation of the system. For the continued operation of the phone, it is not required that you touch them or edit them.

Is Com Sec Bcservice Safe Or a Spyware?

Research has shown that com.sec.bcservice is not harmful to your Samsung phone. It is safe to have it in your system because it does not disclose your data and does not send them to any third party. When your phone develops fault because of running apps, you can check newly installed apps as the cause of such problems.

Preinstalled apps like Secvideoengineservice are necessary for the smooth running of smartphones and as such, they can hardly be the cause of the phone problem. You can troubleshoot to discover the likely cause of your phone problems.

However, many people would like to remove this bc service app because of the information that it is dangerous to the system. If you are not satisfied with the system, you can opt to stop it. It is not possible to disable it from your system. Before you stop it, you have to know the consequences.

If you forcefully stop the devices from working, it can damage the system or the phone can malfunction. It is necessary that when you want to stop it, you follow the correct steps. Already the procedure to do it is described above.

Can i Disable the Com.sec.bcservice App?

If you think that the com sec bcservice is causing a problem for you then you can clear the cache which includes clearing unsaved data. To disable it, however, you have to get to the root. Even in this case, you must be very careful the way you go about it. You must follow the process carefully to avoid causing complications.

Sometimes to disable this bcservice app will require third-party software. To do that you can opt for whitelisting, as well as blacklisting method. When you opt for the blacklisting option, it means that you hide this application from its users. When you blacklist it, you would not be able to use it again.

Whitelisting is another option available to you. In this case, the use is restricted which means that you can only use certain aspects of it, and not the whole app system.

How To Fix The Com Sec BC Service Has Stopped?

If the Com.sec.bcservice keeps stopping or not working, you can also fix it to work for you. It will mean the complete shutdown of the whole system and begin that whole process again. To fix it you have to head to the com sec bc service option and click on the storage option.

Click on or settings and search for storage

Clear cache to fix com.sec.bcservice

Then click to free up space

com sec bcservice

Go to the clean

com sec bc service

You can choose to force stop the BC service application from running. After that, you restart the system. When it starts again, it will be repaired and it clears all the errors associated with the smooth running of the program.

This is one of the applications available in your system. It is useful for calls and other communication using the phone. It is not associated with any error and does not cause problems to your system.

However, you can fix any error related to system apps such as co sec bcservice and com.android.cts.priv.ctsshim or IMS Logger by following the procedures recommended above. If you tamper with it the wrong way, it will be counterproductive because it causes damage to the system.

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