What Is ELM Agent App On Android and How To Disable It?

ELM agent app, also known as Emulated Legacy Mount on Android phones. It’s an application that collects all sent data on the ELM agent android server, granting you complete privacy control.

When looking at the pre-installed application such as nativedropboxagent, many people come across a program called “ELMAgent.” Many come to the conclusion that it is dangerous. Customers are under the false impression that it is a malicious program such as a virus or malware, that invades their privacy.

Although, in this post. We will provide you with complete information on the ELM agent app, including what it is if it is harmful to Android devices, and how to disable it from your phone.

What is The ELM Agent Android App?

ELM Agent App uses multiple monitoring technologies, including email, GPS, messaging applications, phone calls, and voicemails to protect its customers’ work, and sensitive data.

ELM Agent App

This app is used exclusively in the workplace by most firms using company-issued phones linked to Microsoft accounts. Consequently, business phones are used for a particular purpose, and companies ensure that their employees do not engage in illegal activities. The application assures you of complete protection of data and privacy.

Is ELM Agent a Spyware Application?

Many users are under the impression that the ELM agent application is malware in disguise. However, it’s not.

You don’t need to worry about the ELM agent being malware since it’s bloatware, which means it was installed automatically and you didn’t have to do anything to get it. Aside from the fact that it cannot be spyware, there are several more reasons to think so.

How to Disable The ELM Agent App on Android

You do not need to install or utilize third-party apps to disable the Elm-Agent app. Instead, you can try the methods below;

Remove It Via Settings

  • Navigate to Settings. Open the app tray and click on the gear symbol to access the settings.
  • Launch the Applications. Please search for the Apps/Applications/My Apps option in the displayed selections.
  • Locate an ELM Agent. The nomenclature of the ELM agent app may vary according to the types and devices.
  • Please navigate the list of apps and look for the tracking app; click on it.
  • You will be given the option to force stop or disable. Select the disable option, after which the program will be disabled, or remove the ELM agent app Android.

Use Titanium to Disable the app

  • If you utilize this method, you won’t have to worry about making that mistake again. Because it will prevent the system’s programs from running, you could utilize the titanium backup app to temporarily pause the Agent software.
  • Launch the Google Play Store on your device and search for the app known as Titanium Backup.
  • To begin the downloading process, get the Titanium Backup App, select the program from the drop-down menu that appears, and then select the option to install the software.
  • From the app list, find the app that was just installed, and then launch it. Before selecting the option to back up or restore your data, you will first have to wait for it to be installed.
  • Pick the application that you wish to disable. You will now see the titanium backup, which includes all of the applications that are currently installed on your machine.
  • To access the agent application, reveal it by clicking the “Click to edit filters” option. Simply type “ELM AGENT” into the name box, then pick the app to remove or disable Samsung’s ELMagent, or to change the filter that is applied to the display of the system app.
  • Ensure that the ELM Agent App is deactivated. Once the application has been chosen, the Titanium pp options will become visible. To prevent accidental use of the app while it is being deactivated, please make sure to select the appropriate option.
  • If you implement this tactic, you will be able to retain the ELMAgent app stored in the memory of your Android phone, which will prevent you from using it.


From reading this article, you should have learned everything you need to know about ELM agents and how to disable them on your device. Nonetheless, as previously indicated, the ELM agent app is not a spyware application and has no detrimental effects on your phone system.

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