What Is Com Samsung Android Messaging? Should I Disable It?

Are you an Android user and have come across com.samsung.android.messaging app? Do you want to learn what this package means and many others such as com android captive portal login in your device?

This write-up may be just what you need. It has the answers to all the questions you might have asked about the Android messages app when it is in your Google activity. Sadly, some dubious sources have claimed that it is not safe and that it is some form of malware or spyware like OMACP.

How true is this? Keep reading this blog to answer these questions and many more. You will also learn how to disable the Samsung messages app from your phone.

Table of content:

  1. What does com.samsung.android.messaging mean?
  2. Why is coding important when naming apps?
  3. Is samsung messages a preinstalled app?
  4. What is the purpose of using com samsung android messaging?
  5. What permissions does the samsung messages app require to operate?
  6. Does my phone really need the pp?
  7. Is samsung messages app malware or spyware?
  8. Is com samsung android messaging safe?
  9. Can I delete com.samsung.android.messaging?
  10. How to disable com samsung android messaging app?

What is com.samsung.android.messaging?

First things first, we need to understand what com samsung android messaging means, then we can get into the nitty-gritty about this codename. Simply put, it is the preinstalled messaging app that comes with Android phones.

It implies that com.samsung.android.messaging is mostly found among Samsung phones. Still, you might come across the application in other devices that are also embracing this Samsung technology.

It’s noteworthy that everything that forms part of the Android app has a meaning and plays a role in executing the application’s functionality. For instance, messaging means that it is an application used for receiving and sending text messages, as well as performing messaging-related roles.

Android means that the app is used for operating systems, while Samsung means that it is designed for Samsung phones.

com samsung android messaging app

Why is coding important when naming Samsung messaging apps?

Like many people, you might have wondered why smartphones use coding systems that resemble websites. This is for simplicity of programming and for the language reading by computerized android.

Of course, human beings are not as good at programming as computers (your Android phone is a form of a computer), but the latter can only read particular languages.

As such, coding apps and giving them extensions as their application codenames makes it easier for the system to read instructions and execute commands. For example, the MMS has a package name called com.android.mms.

Is com.samsung.android.messaging a preinstalled app?

Smartphone applications either come preinstalled in Android such as com android incallui and com sec android daemonapp.

Com.samsung.android.messaging is a preinstalled app, meaning that by the time you start using a smartphone from Samsung, it is already in the device.

Nonetheless, it is not the default messaging app, but you can make it default by following some procedures. As such, deleting it completely from your android phone is not an easy process because you will have to gain root access to the phone.

What is the purpose of using com samsung android messaging?

This is a good question since getting its answers helps you understand your device better. As suggested by the codename, it is a messaging application that performs messaging activities. These include, but are not limited to;

  1. Send and receive short messages (SMS) and multimedia messages (MMS)
  2. Block message or contacts you don’t want to communicate with so that they don’t send you messages
  3. Forward text messages to individuals or groups in case you have a chat group
  4. Pin a message you don’t want to forget about
  5. Send messages using multiple SIM cards since a pop-up appears before sending a message, asking you which SIM card should be used or an error message such as sim not provisioned mm#2 if the carrier not activated.
  6. Protect your device from being accessed by other people since the app comes with protection and security options for executing such commands
  7. Access the Contacts app from the main menu and start a conversation
  8. Use the accessibility option to initiate talkback reminders
  9. Preview a website in a text before clicking on the website for security purposes

What permissions com.android.messaging app required to operate?

Like many other Android phone applications, com samsung android messaging requires particular permissions to operate. Admittedly, it may require more permissions than normal apps, and for every good reason.

One sure thing is that sending multimedia messages takes many apps to work together, and so are the many permissions. The permissions needed by the Samsung android messages app include, but are not limited to;

  • Microphone permission: especially when you are sending a voice note.
  • Camera permissions: when you are recording a video or taking a photo, although you can also use the gallery.
  • Storage permissions: especially when you recorded videos or took photos beforehand, are now stored in the device.
  • SMS permissions: are also critical, and com.samsung.android.messaging will not work without them.
  • Contacts permissions: since the app needs to identify the person you are sending the message to or receiving messages from.
  • Phone permissions: will be important when making calls using android messages app, although you don’t have to use it.
  • Location permissions: especially when you are sending your location to your contacts using the messaging app.

Does my phone really need the messaging app?

After we learn what does com messaging app means, and some permission required to function. The other common question we are asked is whether an Android device really needs a Samsung messages app. The straight answer to this question is a NO.

This is because as much as a Samsung android comes with the application preinstalled in it, it does not mean that the codename is the default messaging app.

If indeed it was the default messaging app, the device would definitely need it. However, if you go to Settings and set com samsung android messaging as the default messaging application, your phone will need the app, and without the latter, you would not be able to send and receive messages nor perform any messaging activity.

Is com samsung android messaging app malware or spyware?

As technology blesses us with many things to enjoy and make life more enjoyable, we have to face the consequences that come with them. For instance, instances of cybercrime are more common than ever.

Sadly, many people have compromised data integrity by downloading apps. As such, it’s harder than ever for smartphone users to trust apps, even the safe ones like com.samsung.android.messaging. Thus, you may wonder, is the Android messages app spyware or malware?

We are glad to inform you that com Samsung messaging is not spyware or malware and it’s safe like cqatest app. Spyware is programs designed to spy over a user’s activities and relay the information to third parties who might use it for malicious intent or corrupt your data.

Some sources have also claimed that the android messages app is malware. This suggests that it is one of the malicious programs that corrupt data, compromising its integrity. You might be thrilled to know that com.samsung.android is neither spyware nor malware and will not compromise your data security.

Is com samsung android messaging safe?

The question about the safety of Android applications has been asked by many of our readers, and you might want to know whether com Samsung android messaging is safe. As seen in the preceding paragraph, this messaging application is neither spyware nor malware, meaning it is safe.

Besides, it is protected by Play Protect policies, assuring you further of its safety. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you can voluntarily drop your guard regarding safety practices; you have to uphold safety.

For instance, sharing your locations using the messaging app may leak information about your whereabouts, creating security loopholes. Besides, willingly clicking on unsafe sites also compromises your device’s security.

Com.samsung.android.messaging? Can I delete it?

Do you want to delete com.samsung.android.messaging and wonder if this is possible? Well, if you have another messaging app such as SMS Organizer or Textra SMS for sending messages, you can delete the android messaging app.

However, the process is not easy because it requires root access to the Android phone. The easier route is disabling the app.

How to disable the com samsung android messaging app?

Instead of deleting com.samsung.android.messaging, you can disable the app. This way, you can use it again once you want to. Disabling the application is as easy as it is to access it:

  • Unlock your Samsung Android device and navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Locate System Apps
  • Find com messaging app
  • Click on Disable
Disable Com.samsung.android.messaging app


  • Go again to Settings menu
  • Scroll down and click on Apps or System Applications.
  • Click on com samsung android messaging.
  • Tap Froce Stop.
Force Stop Com Samsung Android Messaging

When you need the Com.samsung.android.messaging again, you must follow the same procedure to activate it.


Com.samsung.android.messaging is the preinstalled messaging app that comes with Android phones, especially those produced by Samsung Corporation. It allows you to send and receive messages, as well as other critical messaging roles. Being a preinstalled application, it is not easy to delete it, and one needs root access to the device to do so. However, you can disable the Samsung messages app by force-stopping it.

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