How To Switch SIM Cards Between iPhones?

How to switch sim cards between iphones

Have you ever been on your phone and thought, “I wish my phone sim card would just switch”? Whether you’re in the middle of a long call or just missing one, with this guide to switching sim cards between iPhones, you’ll never have to worry about being left without service …

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9 Fixes Ways To Fix iPhone Touch Screen Not Working In 2023

How to Fix iPhone Touch Screen Not Working

Touch screen devices have become commonplace, with both iPhone and android companies taking advantage. With touchscreen issues such as the iPhone screen not working or not responding to touch, which is rare on Apple products. It can create all sorts of problems using this high-end product. The touchscreen issue can …

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How To Block No Caller ID Calls on iPhone in 2023

How To Block Calls From No Caller ID on iPhone

Receiving no caller ID or unknown calls on your iPhone can be annoying. iOS users are victims of such, and knowing how to block calls from the anonymous call is important. This is because some unsuspecting people have become victims of cyberbullying, and all that started when they picked up …

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How to Fix Computer Not Recognizing iPhone (11 Fixes)

How to Fix Computer Not Recognizing iPhone

Apple devices from iPad, iPhones to iTunes have difficulty connecting with Windows PC. Connecting these two devices via a USB lighting cable or Bluetooth can challenge you to experience problems. Such as the computer not recognizing iPhone or the iPhone won’t connect to a pc. This problem is so common …

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What Format Are iPhone Video? How To Convert To MP4

What Format Are iPhone Video - How To Convert Videos To MP4 or MP3

Today, with an iPhone, you can record, and save high-quality photos and videos, thanks to Apple for developing its ios system. Furthermore, if you want an output to be played on your device, the iPhone videos converter can convert the various video files to a specific format to achieve this. …

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How To Add and Remove People From A Group Text on iPhone?

How to add and remove people from a text group

One of the many advantages you can enjoy with an Apple device is creating group messages, add people to the group text on your iPhone, and remove someone from the conversation if you wish. Group texts offer the convenience of passing information to many people at ago without spending much …

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What is a Yubikey NFC on iPhone and Why Would I Want It?

Yubikey NFC iPhone

You’ve probably heard of the yubikey NFC on the iPhone, which is a popular form of the security key. But not everyone is familiar with everything that this multifunctional device can do. In this article, we are going to explain to you what is yubikey NFC on iPhone? and why …

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7 Best Ways To Transfer Videos From PC To iPhone in 2023

how to transfer videos from computer to iphone

This article will focus on seven ways to transfer large video from your pc to your iPhone using easy different methods including iTunes, iCloud, VLC player, and more. Are you wondering why someone would think of having videos on the phone rather than viewing them from the computer? Well, while …

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