What Is Configapk App On Android? Should I Disable It?

ConfigAPK is an app that comes with your Android device, programmed to help run various APK packages. APK package is used in phone devices for application installation and is often in the package as android.auto-installs.config.

This article explains what is config APK App on Android, its functions, and some tricks that could improve the performance of your device.

What Is ConfigAPK App On Android?


ConfigAPK runs on many Android devices background, including Samsung, HTC, Huawei, and Google devices.

APK belongs to mobile devices, and it means Android application package or android.autointalls.config, which is a file responsible for all automatic uninstallation and installation procedure default to the device when it is bought, and it occupies a space of 20KB.

However, in recent times, several users have complained that the app has several problems, such as draining the battery more than usual and slowing down the phone’s operations.

If the config apk app is working fine with your phone, you should let it be unless it is causing various problems, in which case you may be forced to remove the app from your device.

Most manufacturers of tablets and phones pre-install the bloatware before releasing the app to the public market. It means that those experiencing difficulty with the app can only uninstall the app, though sometimes installation can be challenging too due to application inter-relations.

Can I Remove The ConfigApk App?

Whether to remove the config apk app from the phone or not depends on the executables that the phone will be subject to once the app is removed.

Some users complain about the quick draining of battery power; however, this problem could result from a malware inversion rather than a configAPK. If the malware is the cause of the battery problem, virus removal will suffice to solve it.

It is important to scan your device using anti-malware devices such as SpyHunter 5 to detect any virus masquerading as an APK. You could use multiple scan options to detect possible hiding viruses not detectable by one program.

Remember that other causes may also be responsible for quick battery drain and slow performance should you find no virus after the scan.

If Config APK Is Not Malicious, What Could Be Causing The Device To Act Weird?

A device acting weird could be the result of malware invasion. Some of the problems caused by malware hiding in a questionable app include seeing an advertisement on your device even if the phone is on a lock screen.

Games or utility apps are often the carriers of malware that slip past the phone’s default security systems. If you realize that your phone is slow and often redirects you to random sites and slows down the working of some apps. You should check if your device has some malicious apps like OMACP.

The apps on your phone should be the ones you installed and frequently use; therefore, remove all the apps you do not use and the ones you did not install, and if it is not possible to uninstall the questionable app, put them on a safe mode.

Safe mode is achieved by holding the power button while pressing the volume up and volume down buttons until the animation appears. Keep holding until the device shuts down.

The device will be in safe mode after the boot. Allowing you to delete or disable apps that you could not previously disable.

How To Disable ConfigAPK App on Android?

As already discussed, configAPK Android app is safe. It is okay to allow it to run in the background without concerns about battery drain and data security. Nevertheless, if you want to disable the package, you can follow the steps below.

  • Go to Settings on your android device, then open apps under Settings.
  • Click on the three lines on the menu’s top-right corner and then select system apps.
  • Please scroll down on the list to config APK and click on it to open.
  • Tap disable and then restart your device.

Config APK keeps crashing

Over time many apps such as configAPK packages tend to crash with installing a corrupt file and the build-up of cache conflict. If your device keeps showing config APK app has crashed;

  • Navigate Settings
  • App
  • ConfigAPK
  • Storage and then select clear android cache to correct the problem.

Ways To Protect Your Device From Android viruses

Phone’s ability to access the internet makes them prone to all sorts of problems that desktops and PCs experience. Though androids have different operating systems, creators of malware have utilized these mobile computers for malicious ends.

People today carry important information such as bank details, logins, account passwords, and personal files, which can easily be stolen by malicious malware. Therefore, installing anti-virus software is important in protecting personal information from landing in the wrong hands. You should only download your apps from trusted sources such as Amazon, Google Play Services.

Tips: you could also use secure browsers that enhance your online privacy protection, such as encryption and popup block browsers.

FAQs of Config APK Android App

Should I remove ConfigAPK from my device?

Configapk app on your Android is not malware and is safe like imslogger; as such, there is no need to remove it from the device. It is part of the device’s operating system and responsible for the mobile installer when the device is initially booted.

If you experience any executables, it is likely the result of malware that, as we have discussed, is removed through multiple scanning programs or safe mode processes.

What permission does Config APK App have?

The application doe not need any permission to function properly. You can confirm the permission option by clicking;

  1. Settings application
  2. System apps
  3. Permission.

Is ConfigAPK malware or spyware?

The Android configAPK app is the same as the KLMS agent and it is part of the device operating system and cannot be malware or spyware.

If your tablet or phone is slowing down and experiencing a faster battery drain, you should scan for malware, and virus, and fix the hacked android phone to get rid of the suspicious application.

Does Config APK App consume device battery?

Config APK app occupies a small space of internal memory of 20KB. Should not consume a lot of battery power unless it is invaded by malware. It often runs in the background, which means its battery consumption is negligible.

You could correct the battery problem by scanning for malware. Force-stopping the app, and resetting the device to its factory setting.


ConfigAPK is a built-in app that is part of the Android operating system. It helps install apps on the device and is generally safe for your phone’s operations. Some people experiencing quick battery drain, sluggishness of the device, and constant advertisement attribute these problems to config APK.

ConfigAPK does not cause any of these problems to your Android. If your phone exhibits these problems, you should scan for possible malware as the culprit that needs to be removed.

A factory reset can also help solve the problem by flushing out suspicious apps. This blog post has highlighted the value of config APK and how you can disable the package app should you want to, but we discourage disabling it.

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