What Is Facebook App Manager? and How Can I Uninstall It?

Com Facebook App Manager on Android

If you own an android phone and when you check the Google Activity log, you will notice that Facebook App Manager is part of the recently used applications. In fact, if you use Facebook, you will notice that the com.facebook.appmanager is always part of the recently used applications. As such, …

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What Is Google Partner Setup App And Should I Disable It?

Google Partner Setup Android app

Google Partner Setup Android app helps you to operate multiple Applications and especially google products. It’s an android app with the package name com.google.android.partnersetup. It is also helpful in many ways, for example, if you are writing something, it assists you to correct spelling and grammar mistakes. It’s the source …

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What is Nativedropboxagent App? and Can I Remove It?


Nativedropboxagent is a pre-installed app such as a security log agent on Android, it is an unwanted application that may cause many problems to your phone. The app’s function is to work with backend operations many of the users are not well aware of the Native dropbox agent. They might …

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What Is Com.android.settings App? and How to Fix it?


Have you wondered what com.android.settings app are and whether it is safe? If yes, don’t worry, many have had the same issue, and this article clears your doubt by explaining all about the app and how to go about the error. Let’s get started. Navigation What is Com.android.settings App? First …

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What Is IPSGeoFence Android App and How To Uninstall It?


Learn about what is the IPSgeofence android app and how to uninstall or disable it from your device. Also, you will read the advantage of having the IPS Geo-Fence application on your phone. Navigation What is the ipsgeofence android app? IPSGeofence Android App – An application that helps you to …

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What Is Com.android.mms App, And Why Do You Need It?

What Is com.android.mms App

Com.android.mms is a common system application among android devices and some users might see a message that pops up when multimedia messaging services (MMS) has a problem or some form of a backward URL link. The com android MMS messaging app can be a path for sending MMS messages. The …

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What Is LG Smartworld App and How To Delete It?

What Is LG Smartworld App

If LG is your favorite Android phone, you will definitely get bored with its default features, and that’s where the LG smartworld app store comes in handy. Admittedly, LG smartphones and TVs, among other electronic devices, are unique, but the LG smart world makes their experiences even better. Have you …

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What Is Security Log Agent and How To Disable It?

What Is Security Log Agent (1)

If you own a Samsung device. You might have seen the security log agent android app in the Google Activity, and you might be wondering what it is. The Android securitylogagent is an important system. It comes with old and new Samsung models, and you have nothing to worry about. …

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What is RoseEukor Android App? It’s A Virus?

What is RoseEukor app

You might have just discovered an app called RoseEukor on your Samsung Android phone. Especially on your Google Activity logs, and you might be worried about it. Perhaps you are unsure of its origin because you don’t remember installing it, and just woke up to find it in the device. …

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