What Is com.qualcomm.atfwd And How To Fix It?

The fact that you are here means you have issues with com.qualcomm.atfwd Android app and would like to fix them. Or maybe, you don’t know what it is and want to learn more about it.

First, with the daily advancements in the mobile phone industry, everyone is eager to test every innovation and see its compatibility with their handsets. Such innovative features can improve your experience with the phone and make things pretty much easier.

This com Qualcomm atfwd and other apps such as aasaservice and carrier hub can cause issues in your phone, including battery drainage, storage consumption, and data leakage. As such, you will be compelled to look for solutions, which include uninstalling the app.

What is com.qualcomm.atfwd App?

If you like watching videos or use your phone for other tasks like typing. You may want to see the content of the phone on a bigger screen. This applies especially if you have a smaller phone that you cannot view everything clearly but you can easily connect with to your TV or computer.

Com.qualcomm.atfwd, therefore, is a system Android app that allows phone screen mirroring or casing to TV or computer. This lets you watch the content of the mobile screen on a bigger screen via a Wi-Fi connection.

The qualcomm.atfwd application comes pre-installed on Android devices as a built-in feature. However, if your phone does not have it, you can easily download and install it.

You can also easily disable or delete the com Qualcomm atfwd if you are not using it and you think it is draining your battery. Therefore, you can try to locate this screen mirroring helper by going to the phone Settings, opening Apps, and then searching for com.qualcomm.atfwd.

What Is com.qualcomm.atfwd

Differences Between Screen Mirroring and Screen Casting?

Of course, we cannot talk about com.qualcomm.atfwd without mentioning screen mirroring or screencasting. Most people use both mirroring and casting interchangeably to mean one thing. However, the truth is the two terms mean different ways to use your phone screen when connected to a TV or PC.

With screen mirroring, you can only watch the content of your phone on another screen like a TV or computer. However, you cannot exit from the application you are seeing on the bigger screen. This means if you are watching videos, you cannot perform other tasks on the phone, or else the telecasting will be stopped.

Screencasting, on the other hand, works similar to screen mirroring but allows you to use your phone for other tasks. With such apps as Chromecast, you will receive a URL from your mobile that lets you connect your TV with your mobile phone.

The connected TV will later play the content you choose while still using your phone for other operations. This means you can view images, watch videos on twitch and Netflix, play games like FPS, and still chat with your buddies on the phone.

What Are The Issues Related To Com Qualcomm Atfwd?

It is vital to note that com.qualcomm.atfwd is only a Wi-Fi displayer and should not cause any harm to your phone or ruin your experience. However, some people have expressed concerns about this feature being a virus or malware like the OMACP app. The truth; is this application should not worry you, and if it does, then you may consider uninstalling it.

For that case, does com.qualcomm.atfwd cause any issue? Though not confirmed as the primary problem, some people have reported the following issues once they install the application on their phones:

High Consumption of Mobile Data

Com.qualcomm.atfwd is said to run constantly in the background even when you have not opened it. Therefore, like any other bloatware, this app will highly consume your mobile data and cause the mobile network to disconnect if you do not check and fix it.

Annoying Pop-Up Ads

Some phone users have also reported experiencing annoying pop-ups ads that are displayed even on locked screens. However, there is no enough evidence to prove if com.qualcomm.atfwd has anything to do with these ads.

Battery Drainage

As stated above, this application runs in the background even when the phone is not in use. This leads to significant battery drainage and lowers overall battery life. You can, therefore disable the application if you are not using it and enable it again when you want to cast your phone.

How To Fix Com.qualcomm.atfwd Errors on Android?

Yes, com.qualcomm.atfwd is an essential device component that lets you view and use your mobile phone on a bigger screen. However, in some cases, it can cause severe errors to other applications and mobile data if not controlled.

In such situations, you may consider deleting or disabling the application to fix the errors. Here are the two main methods to fix errors caused by com.qualcomm.atfwd.

Uninstalling the Application (Rooted Phone)

Uninstalling com.qualcomm.atfwd is as simple as deleting other applications on rooted devices. However, depending on the Android version and the phone model you are using, the process may differ with some devices coming with more steps than others. Here are steps involved in deleting com.qualcomm.atfwd:

  • Go to the phone Settings on your Android device.
  • Navigate to All Apps.
  • Search for com.qualcomm.atfwd.
  • Tap on it to see Disable or Uninstall.
  • If you want to permanently delete it, tap on Uninstall and follow the prompts on the screen to finish the process.
  • You can also disable the application by clicking on Force Stop. This action will only render it useless until you enable it again but it will not delete the application permanently.
force stop qualcomm.atfwd app

Greenifying It (Non-Rooted Phone)

Uninstalling the com.qualcomm.atfwd application from a non-rooted phone can be difficult, especially if you are not high-tech savvy. Luckily, this does not mean that you cannot fix the errors when they occur on your phone. As such, you can use a Greenify app to manage and delete any app from your non-rooted phone and improve your user experience.

Greenify is an application that helps to manage other apps on a non-rooted device. It helps users to hibernate certain unused apps, turn off their functionality temporarily, and retrieve them whenever needed.

For those who do not know how to use it, Greenify comes with an app analyzer that helps them view battery usage for all apps. It also displays and suggests important battery-draining and background running apps to be hibernated.

To greenify com.qualcomm.atfwd app on your device, follow these steps:

  • Open Greenify app on your phone and move to the initial setup page.
  • Select the “my device is not rooted’ option.
  • Grant all the permissions as displayed on the screen. Allowing permissions helps to analyze all apps using Greenify and indicate which apps need to be hibernated. Without granting permissions, you may end up hibernating other apps that do not need hibernation, leading to extra errors and bugs.
  • Once you have allowed all the permissions as asked, tap the “+” icon and select “Show More Apps” from the drop-down options.
  • You will see all apps that need to be hibernated. Select com.qualcomm.atfwd and finish the process through the prompts on the screen.

After uninstalling or greenifying com.qualcomm.atfwd, you should check if other basics of the phone are working properly. These include transferring data through Wi-Fi and USB cable, deep sleep, and synchronizing telephoning.

The Bottom Line

If you are addicted to screencasting and mirroring, this is your best company as it will greatly improve your experience with the phone and simplify your tasks. However, if you are not, then you may consider deleting com.qualcomm.atfwd since it is believed to cause certain limitations that can harm your device.

Although there is no proof for the issues caused by this application on your phone. You can easily fix the errors by deleting or hibernating them. You can also install or enable it whenever needed.

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