What Is Com.Android.Deskclock and How To Fix It?

If you have had issues with your alarm, it may be due to a malfunction within the com.android.deskclock. Read below as we delve into the use of a desk clock and how to fix it if it malfunctions.

Com android deskclock in our devices act up due to malware defects often caused by deficient updates. Regular update to the app helps introduce new features, fix bugs, improve security breaches and improve the overall wellbeing of an app.

Most android users complain of bugs that hinder the normal functioning of an app. When an app has bugs, it may crash, stop randomly or slow down. If this is the case with any app on your phone, you can fix the issue in no time.

What Is Com.android.deskclock?

According to Komyshev et al. (2017), android smartphones are available in varying sizes and shapes. However, they all encompass the same operating system enhanced with settings that allow you to customize your phone to your preference.

Com.Android.deskclock is a background app that allows your clock to work efficiently. A clock enables you to access the current time and date based on a time zone.


Since the invention of smartphones, there has been a myriad of complaints from users because often, the device adjusts itself to the incorrect time zone.

Hiccups in time zones are caused due to cell tower malfunctions which may be regulated by adjusting your time zone manually every time you travel.

How To Fix Com.Android.Deskclock App?

Sands and Tseng (2010) stated that android application malfunction is common. However, it may be a cause for concern if it persists even after trying to get rid of com Android deskclock.

Many reasons may cause the desk clock alarm to stop working, and the best way to deal with a malfunction is to fix it immediately rather than waiting for it to trouble you. Below are some of the ways you can fix your com.Android.deskclock.

Reboot Your Phone

Normally, when your android apps are lagging, you should restart your phone by pressing the power button for about 2 seconds.

If your phone does not restart, hold the power button for 5 seconds to bring forth the power menu and tap the reboot option.

Restarting your phone is a temporary solution to your app’s malfunction; if the bugging persists, it is advisable to seek a permanent solution.

Update The Android System WebView App

In 2021, there was a global malware where many android apps started malfunctioning. Later, technical experts brought a report ascertaining that a defective update caused the malware.

However, manufacturers fixed the issue through an android system webview app update. Therefore, if a com android deskclock is not working properly, it is recommended that you update the Android System WebView app immediately.

Here is how to update your Android System WebView app;

  • Go to the play store app.
  • On the top-right corner, click on your profile
  • Click on manage apps and then tap on “updates.”
  • Search for Android System WebView and then tap update.
  • Reboot your phone and then check to see if the malware has been sorted

Clear Cache Data For The App

Sometimes the cache data of com.android.deskclock alaram app slows down the performance for your android. When it happens, you must clear the cache data. To do so, follow the steps below;

  • Go to the malfunctioning app.
  • Long press and then tap on the app info or details
  • Click storage
  • Click on clear cache

Reset Your Device

Resetting your phone should be the last resort, especially if it is only one app such as com.android.deskclock and other apps including com android vending that have malfunctioned.

However, resetting can also benefit other apps that have minimal malware. Before resetting your device, ensure that you have backup your android and all essential documents, and files since you will clear them during the reset. Below is how to efficiently reset your phone;

  • Go to settings and tap on the reset option
  • Tap on factory reset
  • Tap erase all data

Turn On Automatic Date And Time Setting

The automatic date and time are based on your location, which means that as long as you have a stable mobile network connection, your phone will align with the time and date of your home country.

To alter the setting on your device;

  • Go to settings
  • System and then scroll to time and date, where you will see the “set time zone automatically” option.

Bottom Line

Application defects occur due to error coding that causes the app program not to meet its requirements. Recently, some Android users have reported some unsettling behaviors with the alarms they set. The alarms either fail or go off at the wrong time. However, there are ways to deal with malfunctioning com android deskclock, as outlined in the article above.

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