What Is Uicc Unlock And How To Fix Error 407?

uicc unlock

UICC unlock on Android is a significant term you might have encountered if you interacted with a smartphone or laptop more often. Unlike laptops, smartphone users might have encountered it even more. However, some people don’t understand the meaning or the purpose of uicc unlock. UICC is an important part …

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What Is Android System Webview App? Can I Uninstall It?

Android system webview

The Android system webview app is a device component allowing all Android applications to display content without opening a specific dedicated browser. Most system webview is pre-installed to accommodate unique applications on your Android phone. Review is one of the most powerful systems in Android devices since it provides different …

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What Is MDMApp on Android? Is It Safe To Uninstall It?

mdmapp android

MDMapp represents mobile device management and it’s an app that makes it possible to monitor, manage as well as share data. Furthermore, MDM app is also in the charge of the security levels of phone devices. It is more concerned or oriented to enterprise levels. This MDM app (Mobile device …

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How To Fix Invalid Sim Card on Android Phone?

How To Fix Invalid Sim Card on Android

It is quite annoying to keep receiving an ‘invalid SIM card’ pop-up every time when using your Android phone. This is because the SIM card is like the brain; the phone needs it to perform important functions. While your phone might be fully charged, an invalid SIM card means your …

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What is Com Samsung Android App Spage and How To Disable It?


Com.samsung.android.app.spage is system bloatware for the Bixby functions, a digital virtual assistant for Samsung Galaxy phones, especially S8 and the later Android versions. Many find the Bixby functions useful, especially when they can control all their social media apps from the home screen without tapping the individual apps, courtesy of …

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What Is Mobile Services Manager and How To Disable It?

Mobile Services Manager Android app

The mobile services manager is a pre-installed Android app that performs many functions without the user’s knowledge, including gaining access to information, installing and updating apps, and controlling some settings. Some of the problems associated with the mobile service manager include slowing down the Android phone performance, mobile network state …

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What Is Restricted Phone Call and How To Block It?

What Is Restricted Phone Call - How To Block It

Receiving restricted phone calls on Android is not only annoying but frustrating. Moreover, a restricted number means you cannot call the caller or access his personal information, yet he can call you as much as he wants on your iPhone or Android phone. Many telemarketers, scammers, and spammers have mastered …

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What Is Com Samsung Android Messaging? and How To Disable It?

com samsung android messaging

Phones have many apps such com.samsung.android.messaging, which many users don’t understand about it. Are you an Android user and have come across a com android messaging application? Have you yearned to know what this package means and many others such as com android captive portal login in your device? This …

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What is Com Android Backup Confirm and How To Remove It? 

What is com.android.backupconfirm

This might be the new term for everyone who heard it the very first-time com.android.backupconfirm on Android. You will come to know, how significant is it, and a threat to your data secrecy and privacy. Keeping your important files with your backup plays a significant role. Com android backupconfirm saves …

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